Full 5e conversion?

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Re: Full 5e conversion?

Postby Coronoides » Sun Nov 26, 2017 1:36 am

The Gnome Cunning and Magic resistance traits where two of the very few traits that will be drastically re-priced in light of evidence from Volo’s Guide to Monster in the upcoming revision of the system.

Gnome Base: Int+2 (4), Small size (-1), Speed 25ft (-3), Advantage on Int saves against magic (1), Advantage on Wis saves
against magic (1), Advantage on Cha saves against magic (1). Lesser trait: darvision 60ft.

Forest Gnome: Dex+1 (2), cantrip (2), speak with small beasts (5). Lesser traits:nil
Rock Gnome: Con+1 (2), artificer’s lore (1), tinker (6). Lesser traits: nil
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