[WotI] Day of Dread or Dread Zones?

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[WotI] Day of Dread or Dread Zones?

Post by Havard » Mon Jun 18, 2018 10:01 pm

I was writing about The Return of Rad when it occurred to me. The Day of Dread is not a very interesting plot device to use in RPGs.

So I was thinking about having the Day of Dread manifest as locations on the map instead. Perhaps Dread Rifts in reality could be manifestations of the magic drain. Perhaps these too only manifest temporarily, but at least it would give adventurers something to do. I suppose you could have both the Day of Dread and the Dread Zones too.

I would like the Dread Zones to be more than just Anti Magic sites though. Maybe more like Alfheim's Bad Magic Points. Or perhaps magic won't work there, but other bad things happen there as well. And maybe there are ways for PCs to shut them down?

For a Master Level or Immortal Level campaign, perhaps the Day of Dread itself may be visited as a location too, due to the nature of the Sphere of Time on Mystara? That could be really interesting in a quasi philosophical way.


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Re: [WotI] Day of Dread or Dread Zones?

Post by RobJN » Tue Jun 19, 2018 4:07 am

There is always talk of how the land itself beneath Blackmoor held strange magical properties. Blackmoor blew itself up in the catasrophe known as the Great Rain of Fire. So, what if the strange/warped/dead magic zones are tied to areas where the concentration of fallout from the Great Rain of Fire is greatest? (if you'll pardon the pun)

Thorn's Chronicle puts forth that the meteor shower listed at the end of the year of the Mystaran calendar is caused by the planet passing through the debris field left in the wake of the Great Rain of Fire. Sure, most of that is likely no bigger than pebbles or sand and is burnt up by friction within the skyshield, but certainly, there are still larger remnants that still manage to make landfall, causing all sorts of havoc when they do....
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Re: [WotI] Day of Dread or Dread Zones?

Post by ripvanwormer » Wed Jun 20, 2018 12:35 am

What if the drain of magic was a result of the Abelaat Dimension moving into conjunction with the Multiverse Dimension? So it was the Radiance (or the abuse of it) that allowed the abaton portal to be constructed?

What if this dimensional conjunction resulted in other planes or dimensions moving closer to or further from Mystara? Not just the Dimension of Nightmares, but other realms too: Pyts could draw closer to the Prime as Entropy increased, or move further away as Entropy lessened. The AD&D/Planescape Great Wheel cosmology, or 4e's World Axis, could move closer to the Multiverse Dimension as an unintended side effect, allowing for travel between Mystara and the AD&D worlds to grow more common. Suddenly spelljamming ships are able to access Mystaraspace.

If the Dimension of Myth/Laterre is closer to the Abelaat Dimension than Mystara is due to being less magical, perhaps the Abelaat Dimension drawing closer to Mystara could inadvertently draw the Dimension of Myth closer as well. And as Laterre draws closer to Mystara, the Demiplane of Dread grows closer as well, swallowing more of the Known World into the Mists.

Your idea of Dread Zones might be similar to the Manifest Zones of the Eberron setting, with limited areas of Mystara having the laws of nature grow similar to that of other planes as those planes overlap the Multiverse. So part of Mystara might find magic has drained and the Abelaats are able to invade while another part of Mystara might correspondingly grow more magical as Draesten draws closer to that part of the world.

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