B11 and B12 as campaign start

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Re: B11 and B12 as campaign start

Post by stebehil » Wed Sep 04, 2019 7:21 am

So, yesterday we finally played again. The group was on their way to the keep, and stopped in Stallanford to collect information. I rewarded them with a local charcoal maker telling them where to find the way up, and reporting about more humanoid activity in the area.
On the way up, there were two random encounters indicated by die rolls, the first were goblins, attacking the PCs. A caught survivor spilled some beans about the fortress. The second, close to the keep, were three orcs. I decided that they were deserters, and they told the PCs about the general situation inside the keep. (Yay for non-murderhoboing PCs). Now, they want to infiltrate the keep. While this idea is not explicitly mentioned in the adventure, it is a viable route IMO, even though they have a dwarf and a gnome PC. I will have to prepare for that.

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