Animate/raise dead

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Animate/raise dead

Post by oleck » Sun May 12, 2019 9:29 pm

Is there any special rules about animate dead. Do the skeleton and zombies always are under your control? Or each day they must be controlled again? If you animate a dead human into a zombie after that you can raise dead him?

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Re: Animate/raise dead

Post by Robin » Sun May 12, 2019 11:02 pm

Read my Mystara Monster Manual Compilation on Undead page 1122 -1126 on Undead
The animated undead are displayed individually at pages 1134-1175
This might help you

Extra note 1; Most Undead animated thus have no soul, and if they have one it is almost always a captured soul of someone else.
Extra Note 2; All Animated Undead have a lowered rate of decay, yet this is not completely stpped (else they would not smell and rot), as such it is best to assume they decay at double the normal rate in all the variant circumstances due the magic applied to them, and if they have lost 75% of their non bone mass they are no longer zombie but become skeleton instead. Normal corpses decay depending on circumstances (heat, air, moisture, bacteria, etc) in 7 days to 25 years. thus any animated zombie would exist a maximum of 50 years after its creation, then it becomes a skeleton. Natural decay of skeletons in the open is 20to 100 years in enclosed environment up to 2500 years. beyond that the skeleton will lose 10% of its bones(and thus HP, HD, AC, AV, SV, THAC0) for each equal period or 100 years which ever comes first.
Extra note 3; Zombies are silent yet stink. zombies make no vocal sounds (unlike current zombie movies might suggest, yet these are actually Ghouls according to D&D rules). Skeletons do not stink(unless some organic matter still clings to the bones), nor make vocal sounds yet have a distinguishable rattling sound if moving.
Extra note 4; the animating force is pure Death Energy drained from the Sphere of Death, which can be easily decoded to act upon a variety of circumstances as determined by the caster. any nonmentioned circumstances will not incite a reaction of any kind, unless a soul is in the corpse
extra note 5; most undead in the known world date from the Taymoran/Nithian periods where they were used enmass as tools like we use mobile cellphones now in the RL. about 25% is created later. this means the original creator is mostly dead and gone, and the undead are uncontrolled and act still on their precoded commands
extra note 6; Animated undead can be easily recoded by appliying a new Animate dead spell to them (they have then be moving less than 10' during the casting, so binding, imprisoning or physically holding them is needed). This is tge cheap vrsion of Animate Dead and does not require the digging up or defiling graves and or corpses. The Piety Loss is 10% normal
extra note 7; a Raise Dead(Fully) spell does only work on a body which is not animated. to dispell the animation a Turn Undead at Destroy strength(hihger level cleric), Dispel Magic, or physical destruction is needed.
Extra note 8; there are combinations possible to deposit a large amount of corpses/bones together with a contingency spell to cast a predetermined Animate Dead (with all its commands preset) to become animated in 1d3 rounds upon a specific circumstance as set by the Contingency spell; for example The contingency could be ; activate the spell when the room is entered by living creatures, or more precise; by living creatures not bearing a specific Holy Symbol, magic item, or similar(use your imagination. This is drained from the Teki-Nura -Ria adventure where exactly this happened. Although there were also some Bone golems added to the mass...also decoded yet not taken into account of the contingency spell, doing this solely on its own commands give. (Bone or Flesh Golems are near indestructable and do not rot, and thus also do not stink, until they are defeated then the rotting process sets in at quadruple normal rate)

As to Raise Dead (Fully) several changes to the RC/boxed sets have been implied, mostly due tge work of our Bruce Heard.
in this compilation book; page 413-420 I have compiled and combined these sources (and made the table from Bruce's formula to make it clear.).

To your last section of your question; Yes as soon as you are dead you can be animated. to use a Raise Dead(fully) the animation must be broken/dispelled. the time in the spell text is of course Prime Plane Time, 2506 days and 16 Hr Prime Plane Time is equal to 333 days Limbo Time

Hope this helps
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