Pantheon of Karameikos

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Pantheon of Karameikos

Post by Knightfall »

Okay, so I've been looking through this section of the Vaults regarding the Immortals and Churches of Karameikos. What I'm trying to do is create a single unified Karameikan Pantheon regardless of alignments and whether the Immortal is of Traldar origin or not.

Yes, I realize there are two different churches, as well as the Cult of Halav, but what I want to find out is how important some of the other lesser-known Immortals are to the people of Karameikos. Should I be sticking mainly with the common named versions of the Tarsian Twelve or are there other Immortals that are just as important.

FYI, this is mainly for both for my homebrewed version of Mystara, The World Unknown, as well as for the re-envisioning of Karameikos for the Lands of Harqual on my homebrewed world, Kulan.

Also, it's just fun! :D


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Re: Pantheon of Karameikos

Post by agathokles »

Even the Tarsian Twelve are not that important in modern Karameikos -- they are more or less the "creator gods", but the Church of Traladara actually reveres primarily the Traldar heroes, Halav, Petra, and Zirchev.

The Church of Karameikos reveres a subset of the Thyatiana pantheon, namely Asterius, Vanya, Valerias, Ilsundal and Kagyar (the latter two mainly to appeal to the demihumans, and I'd add Tarastia even though she's not canon).

Note that both churches have a number of saints, some of whom are Immortals considered as lesser patrons (e.g., Chardastes), while others are not (most are in any case not specified, as their presence can only be inferred from the few known ones).


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