[Thorn's Chronicle]: Wake of the White Witch's Wrath

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Re: [Thorn's Chronicle]: Wake of the White Witch's Wrath

Post by RobJN » Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:05 pm

Just a note, to let you know that the Chronicle's main site has been updated with two more NPC capsules: Brynne and Petra, two more of Silva's Army, who will fill out the First Quest party of the Handmaidens of Petra. Their side-story to Thorn's Chronicle is being told here, while I finalize notes for Arc 3.

My eye fell on the "Hail the Heroes" boxed set from 1994 as I was looking for something else. A quaint little adventure, and given what was talked about among Silva's Army at the Festival of Falling Stars in Krakatos, things sort of clicked into place in my head....
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