Endless Quest Books for Mystara

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Re: Endless Quest Books for Mystara

Post by RobJN » Fri Oct 07, 2016 8:45 pm

Havard wrote:"The reader, as Brion the elf, must drive out a horde of monsters from his father's castle and locate a treasure hidden in the dungeon."

Source: http://sciencefictionmuseum.org/EQ004/E ... .htm?Pg=Bg

I am more and more liking the idea of adapting this story to Wendar or perhaps the Wendar/Denagoth border.

"King" Cedrus may have been a local Elf Lord whose lands were overtaken by humanoids from Denagoth. At the end of the story, his son Brion might be succesful in retaking and rebuilding his family castle of Brookmere.

You could set this in a certain barony in the North, too :twisted:
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Re: Endless Quest Books for Mystara

Post by JTrithen » Sat Oct 08, 2016 1:39 am

This is a great list, havard!

Seems like the Pick a Path / Fantasy Forest book #9 (Jason's First Quest) could be set in Milenia (in the Hollow World). The locations in the book might be very specific, though, if they are implicitely set in the RW Greece (though mythic). That would take a little more converting.

That's kind of funny that only one specific book was implicitly set in a Mystara setting -- (Super Endless Quest #15, The Vanishing City.
It seems like the title immediately under that one, (#18) Prince of Thieves, could possibly be set in the thieve's capital of the Norwld, i.e., Landfall. But if it has some made up city/town locations in the novel itself then that would be harder to "ret-con."

As for many of the other D&D books, I'm okay with having adventures set in other lands, or dimensions that the characters could occasionally visit, in my campaign.

As a matter of fact, if I had occasion to just conveniently place some kingdom or reference from certain books into other places from other worlds, Laterre could possibly be used.

lastly, I have a few kingdoms around the Sylvan Realm region. The Thunder Rift setting implies there are other countries around Thunder Rift, and decided that that secluded valley and its nearby (mostly-)human kingdoms would be around the Sylvan Realms. So, I could place a few other realms there, too, from the books. Those are just my ideas. Without lots of additional time, it wouldn't be something I'd pursue, but it could be fun. I do like picking up every little tidbit of canon that can be used in shoehorning D&D into the Known World and Mystara setting.

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Re: Endless Quest Books for Mystara

Post by Havard » Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:29 pm

Found some more books. These were published in the mid 1980s and were simply labelled Solo Gamebooks. I don't know much about them yet.

Title | Author | Setting | Notes 8461 1 on 1 Solo Gamebook, Castle Arcania | James Ward | Unknown Fantasy | Northern Marches mentioned. 8462 1 on 1 Solo Gamebook, Battle for the Ancient Robot | James Ward | Space Sci Fi |Planet Cybos mentioned 8463 1 on 1 Solo Gamebook, Revenge of the Red Dragon | James Ward| Unknown, Fantasy| 8464 1 on 1 Solo Gamebook, Challenge of the Druids Grove |James Ward| Unknown| Fantasy setting. Forest of Lath mentioned 8465 1 on 1 Solo Gamebook, Dragonsword of Lankhmar || Lankhmar | 8466 1 on 1 Solo Gamebook, Amber Sword of Worlds End | Michael P. Prince| Unknown| Fantasy Setting 8467 1 on 1 Solo Gamebook, Warlords | David Zeb Cook | Feudal Japan? Oriental Adventures? | 8468 1 on 1 Solo Gamebook, Fantastic Four in The Doomsday Device || Marvel Universe | 8469 1 on 1 Solo Gamebook, Daredevil in The King Takes a Dare |James Ward| Marve Universe| 8470 1 on 1 Solo Gamebook, The Dragon Wand of Krynn |Greg and Nancy Fahlgren | Dragonlance |

This website has more details on the books: https://gamebooks.org/Series/291


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Re: Endless Quest Books for Mystara

Post by ripvanwormer » Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:42 pm

Havard wrote:Found some more books. These were published in the mid 1980s and were simply labelled Solo Gamebooks. I don't know much about them yet.
They were books designed for two players, each of which would play one of the characters. I played Revenge of the Red Dragon with my sister (who played the dragon and beat me handily); I remember it had the Tarrasque in it, so it was based on AD&D rather than BECMI.

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Re: Endless Quest Books for Mystara

Post by ghendar » Thu Apr 20, 2017 2:29 pm

Morfie wrote:Has anybody converted these to D&D modules?
The closest I ever got was trying to draw dungeons for a couple of the early ones like Dungeons of Dread.
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