Tier Gestalt

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Tier Gestalt

Post by willpell » Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:54 pm

Had a random thought today which I thought I'd toss out; it concerns the Tier System for ranking character classes, and the Gestalt idea proposed optionally in Unearthed Arcana (the 3.5 book, not the current series of articles). Basically, the thought was that if you're playing a Tier 1 character, you're at the top of the power curve; if the game is high-powered enough to make a Tier 1 character sweat, then any character of lower tier is likely hopeless. But, in an attempt to bring those other characters up a bit, I was thinking they could be combined, allowing them to correct for each other's weaknesses.viously

Here's how it works: subtract your character's tier number from 7, and you get the number of "gestalt points" for the class. Tier 1 = 6 Gestalt Points. Then, whatever class you start with, you can gestalt it with a second class, such that the Gestalt Points of the two classes total 6 or less. Thusly, you can do two Tier 4 classes (3 gestalt points each), or a Tier 3 and a Tier 5 (4 and 2 gp), or a 6 and a 2 (5 and 1). (Obviously the result is still subject to GM approval; this just attempts to give you a leg up in terms of balancing with the Tier 1s.)

Examples: Rogue/Barbarian, Monk/Swordsage, or Psion/CW Samurai.

If anyone feels like testing this out, let me know what you discover.

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Re: Tier Gestalt

Post by genghisdon » Thu May 04, 2017 4:32 pm

I played some gestalt games in the past, and also gestalt with non gestalt characters (give them a +2 LA that cannot be bought off), although not the experiment you propose.

I don't find the experiment all that compelling, if I were so inclined, I'd modify the method...
Tier 1 or 2 would get no gestalt
Tier 3 could have an NPC class (Aristocrat, Warrior or Expert)
Tier 4 & 5 could mix ass they pleased

I'm also fond of the notion of playing gestalt with "martial class + fighter"

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