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Post by willpell » Tue Jul 18, 2017 7:45 pm

I looked at the rules for creating psicrowns in the Expanded Psionics Handbook, and they appear to be incomplete. Relevant rules are divided among three sections - the Craft Psicrown feat, the Psicrowns section in the example Magic Items, and the Creating Psicrowns section under Creating Magic Items. (If there's a fourth place I should be looking for some of this info, I couldn't figure it out.) Nothing seems to specify how many Power Points the completed psicrown has (the example psicrowns range from 450 to 900 with no clearly apparent logic), and the section in the creation formula for "Manifester's level" isn't clear about whether it's actually required to be the total character level of the creator (which, if so, means that making a totally identical psicrown becomes more expensive with every level the creator gains, despite functioning no differently when placed on the head of a different psion; this seems thoroughly wrong).

I tried to extrapolate based on the idea that a Psicrown with only one power in it was basically the same as a Dorje (although it ought to cost slightly more, since it adapts itself to the Manifester Level of its wearer); from how the text reads, you could create the wimpiest of all Psicrowns, holding just one 1st-level power which is manifested at ML 1, for only 375 gp (the same cost as a dorje, I think), or 12 times that (4500 gp) if "Manifester's level" is interpreted as mandatory. Yet the example Astral Legion psicrown, which contains only the Astral Construct power, costs something like 60,000 GP (the exact number eludes me, but it's definitely not divisible by five, which is one of those maddening details that I have to assume is just being transcribed unchanged from original materials, where no attempt at consistency had been made and the numbers might well have been arbitrary). The Astral Legion is also the single most PP-packed of the Crowns, though its price doesn't differ that radically from the others (the cheapest one is 20,000+ - despite IIRC containing at least a level 4 power); this makes me think that the PP of the crown is derived somehow from its functional ML (a minimum of 8th in the rules, so my dirt-cheap level 1 item was obviously wrong, but as I said even upping that to 12 doesn't account for a price difference of 10x or more), which is derived somehow from its price, explaining why a 1-power crown should be comparable in price to crowns that contain 3-5 powers.

Does anyone know enough about psionic stuff to be able to shed any light on this dilemma? If you don't know psionics rules, you might be able to provide some clarification on how the normal rules handle Staffs, of which Psicrowns are the psionic equivalent. This won't answer the question of Power Points, since Charges for spell levels work completely differently, but it should at least help with the question of caster/manifester level (although psionics makes this far more relevant, due to augmentation options).

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