[art] Todd Lockwood's Regdar design sketches

Published 2000 & 2003.
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[art] Todd Lockwood's Regdar design sketches

Post by Big Mac » Mon Aug 14, 2017 8:38 am

Todd Lockwood just posted his preliminary drawig of Regdar:
Todd Lockwood on Facebook wrote:Remember Regdar? This is the prelim drawing for him. He was meant to be the iconic fighter for 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons until Tordek took over. I remember having to do this painting with a jeweler’s loop when they told me it would be printed life size.
(The image is very large, so you will have to pop over there to see it.)

He is selling prints of the Redgar painting here and you can take a look at it, without buying a copy.

Todd was also kind enough to share a bit more about the history of Regdar's design:
Todd Lockwood on Facebook wrote: I designed Regdar over three levels! I wanted to design armor that was lightweight but protective, based on the idea that his defensive side would be heavily armored and his attack side would be more movement-friendly. I went for leather armor augmented with steel plate. It turned out to be a form of armor that R&D didn't know what to do with (another reason Regdar was reviled). They eventually called it... called it... I can't remember what they called it. "Breastplate" armor? I don't recall. It seemed dismissive.

I got my validation when WotC had full-on professional special effects armorers make his armor for an actor to wear at Gen Con. He walked aropund in it all weekend. At the end of the show, I asked him if it was comfortable and he said, "Very!"
Todd also pointed me at the concept art for Regdar. (There are three pictures there.)

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