Introduce yourself here (badwrongfunism reply)

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Introduce yourself here (badwrongfunism reply)

Post by willpell » Fri Aug 05, 2016 8:02 pm

redking wrote:
Angel Tarragon wrote:Welcome, redking! So I take it you are a big time Dark Sun fan?
Big time. Athas was the first "epic" setting. The Sorcerer Kings make Elminster wet his breeches with fear.
Any setting where the vast majority of characters die in a desert because they forgot to purchase a 2-sp waterskin (or just had it stolen from them by slavers) doesn't strike me as "epic". It may have one or two epic characters in it, and they may have a great deal of influence, but a setting isn't defined by what is most impressive within it, it is defined by what is most ordinary and commonplace there. Forgotten Realms is a setting which is Epic by that definition; Dark Sun is the grittiest and most street-level of all D&D settings by far (well, maybe Ravenloft has it beat, for similar but distinct reasons; Dark Sun does at least have psionics to put it a little over the top).

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