Rant about another D&D forum - Was: If you could revisit a y

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Rant about another D&D forum - Was: If you could revisit a y

Post by willpell » Thu Nov 17, 2016 1:08 am

I'll +1 Tarragon's comment as well, but more to the point, I don't consider 2016 to have been a bad year. (2017 might turn out to be disastrous thanks to the events of 2016, but I don't believe in inevitability, so I'll place the blame with the year it actually happens). Certainly my personal life improved drastically this year, compared to the previous three, and I also think we've had a far better crop of movies coming out, although it's possible I just didn't hear about as many of them previously.

My best answer to the actual question, off the top of my head...given that we're explicitly prevented from changing history, I'd go back to a time when I was registered for the NAME OF OTHER FORUM REMOVED BY MODERATOR forums, but had not yet begun to post with any regularity; I don't recall exactly when this would be, but probably somewhere in the vicinity of 2010. I would spend the entire year, and several repetitions thereof, viciously insulting and harassing NAME OF MODERATOR OF OTHER FORUM REMOVED BY MODERATOR, the extremely and excessively strict moderator of those message boards, (and possibly several of his more dickish cronies). They couldn't ban me for it, because that would prevent me from making posts that I would have made in the future, and thus would have changed history. So I'd just get a free eternity of venting my spleen at one of the human beings who hurt me most deeply, for the least reason, in my entire life. (My father screwed me up way more, but had a lot better reasons for doing it; NAME OF MODERTOR OF OTHER FORUM REMOVED BY MODERATOR just got off on being the "sherrif" in an environment he clearly saw as the Wild West, and I consider his behavior to be an atrocity by Internet standards, where physical harm is impossible, but silencing someone is essentially a localized and reversible form of murder.) The ability to do this would be second only to my use of actual therapy, in terms of how much it would ease the pain of my psychic wounds.


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