New Mystara fan project

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New Mystara fan project

Postby Azure Admiral » Sat Mar 30, 2013 10:31 am

Hi guys!

After several years of gaming, I've thought to settle the foundaments for a new Mystara long-term gaming project.

Among all the D&D modules published back in the years, I fallen in love with three of them mostly: the adventure B10 Night's Dark Terror, the Karameikos and Glantri Gazeteers.

I consider the B10 one of the most thick, fabulos and ispiring D&D Classic adventure, so I wonder that it could be great and an act of appreciativeness to create an amateur sequel of this module, or a gaming module related to that story anyway.

I began to study the module background, the Karameikos gaz, and the HW books. I thought so to have accomplished in collecting the most informations about this topic, but...
Recently I discovered the Vaults and The Piazza, and realized how many smart people were producing so much high quality Mystarian material.

I felt very good impressed and overhelmed about the tons of gaming Mystara topics, I was astounded.

So, now I think I could create a more solid and concrete work, studying Vault's materials, sharing ideas and asking some advices with the wise community here at the Piazza's.

Can you advise me some must have fan-made materials hosted at the Vaults which could be helpful in:

1) Gather Foundamental and "must-to-know" notions about the Know World I have to know and get in account to, in order to write a product in line and fitted in the setting?

2) Gather some more specific informations (either official or fan-made disquisitions) about Hutaakan History.

I'm now at an embryonic stage of the work. I've not decided yet if the adventure will be placed within Karameikos borders, or that could be get around some other countries (external or HW).

Anyway, I'm now brainstorming on that. Surely develop a great plot good enough to stand the greatness of the original B10 is a great challenge itself and a maybe too high aspiration, but I'll make my best :-)

Thank you in advance for any advices, periodically I'll check back here to share some thoughts about and discussions about this topic if you like.

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Re: New Mystara fan project

Postby agathokles » Sat Mar 30, 2013 8:58 pm

You could start with the timeline. It contains a full timeline of Mystara, including information from most if not all official products. If you have the gazetteer, that's all you need about the Known World.
For the history of Traladara and the Hutaakans, I've written a couple of articles you might want to read (though of course these are fan works, so you'll find that there are different takes on the same topics):

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Re: New Mystara fan project

Postby Havard » Sat Mar 30, 2013 11:35 pm

Hi Bone!

A sequel to B10 is a great idea. I am curious to see if you end up keeping it within the borders of Karameikos, if you want to take the adventurers into the Hollow World, or across the Karameikan border to nearby Known World kingdoms?

In addition to the lonks supplied by Agathokles, a connection to the Taymora civilization may be an interesting option.

Since you asked for advice, here is one piece:

Don't come back here only when the pdf is finished. What Mystara fans love even more than a fully finalized PDF is a chance to be involved in the process. You should stay in control of your own project, but feel free to consult us along the way. The creative process may even spawn completely new ideas to be used either in your project or some that could even grow into separate projects or discussions :)

In any case, keep in touch! :)


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Re: New Mystara fan project

Postby Azure Admiral » Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:17 pm

Hi guys,

many thanks Agathokles and Havard for the infos, now I'm diggin it :)

I have an old framework for this project, but that will be heavily revised based on the Mystara either fan and official material wich I'm exploring now.

Yes Havard, I think too that sharing ideas and criticism is a great and satisfactory thing for all us fans too :)
I'll be very happy to check the adventure pitch, ideas about the story, and share comments here at Piazza!

Thank you,

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Re: New Mystara fan project

Postby Chimpman » Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:23 pm

Hey BoneLord! Just wanted to say I'm equally excited to see what you can come up with.
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Re: New Mystara fan project

Postby NPCDave » Wed Jun 19, 2013 9:55 pm

Lupins were made more prevalent in the D&D Known World in Bruce Heard's Dragon magazine article from issue #237. Bruce linked their bloodlines to both Hutaakans and gnolls. The Red Steel novel Black Vessel also includes a chapter on Hutaakan society established to the west in Yalvdom one hundred miles or so east of Hule. I believe those Hutaakans were forced to migrate west after being isolated from their home valley documented in B10.

The Black Vessel novel also documents some Hutaakans living among gnolls in the Red Steel badlands, these presumably having been there since the Nithians colonized the area.

The almanacs detail how Alfheim elves have settled in the forest lands detailed in the early part of B10, this happening in the 1010-1013AC era.
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Re: New Mystara fan project

Postby DirtSkull » Wed Jun 19, 2013 10:49 pm

Just an alternative mindset to consider: darker. My appeal to B10 is, IMO, it's grittier than most. The authors I discovered wrote WFRP material and after I played some of that I noticed the similarities. If I were to pen a sequel, I would focus on those aspects. Example, if you put Lupins in there, they would be victims/enslaved/in need of help. :)
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Re: New Mystara fan project

Postby Azure Admiral » Tue Jul 16, 2013 7:59 pm


Thank you Dave for your suggestions, I'll check The Red Steel novels and Dragon Magazines to gather more informations about Hutaakans/Lupins.


Yes DirtSkull, I agree with you. The UK TSR team impressed a distinctive dark appeal and feelings in their D&D modules.
Don't remember the source, but I read somewhere that the Sukiskyn map was used before (or taken as game material ispiration later) for a Warhammer adventure.

Yep, the adventure itself and the overall mood permeating the module was, and are still today, unique.

Another big credit in creating the right magic atmosphere is for the art section. Helen Bedford and Brian Williams made a superb work, and I'm still fond to those drawings.

Before the 2010 I tried long to get in contact with them, but without success. It could have been a dream to commission them some new art for a new adventure regarding the B10 theme...
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Re: New Mystara fan project

Postby Azure Admiral » Thu Jun 18, 2015 2:14 pm

Hi guys,

coming back for a little update :)

Service information, I’ve recently changed my Piazza’s user account, switching from BoneLord to Azure Admiral.

The pitch writing on the B10 sequel got a slightly slow down, due for other OSR fan productions. Anyway the B10-2 project is active and ongoing, which will run in parallel with the future Calidar fan activities.

Yesterday I’ve reprint the Taymoran writings, to update with the Taymora Gaz, currently on the anvil in the 2300BC subforum.

Checking back in the next weeks with a pool for most desired gaming contents you would like to see in the adventure :)
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