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Continuing the Gazetteer and Module Tradition Beyond the Known World.

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Forum Charter

Post by Ashtagon » Sun Jun 08, 2008 10:13 am

OldDawg wrote:I would like to request a Project Forum for the GazF continuity for people to retrieve and comment on existing GazF products and contribute their own ideas for current working threads.

The main forum will contain pointers to all currently released items and production schedules, threads for current or desired projects not already housed in a particular sub-forum, and discussions of the overall GazF project.

I forsee two current sub-forums, with additional ones established later as project-bundles (i.e. a 4-7 gaz or adventure grouping) emerge.

The first sub-forum will be for The Idrisian Sphere. There will be a sticky welcome thread with links to the products and threads discussing the first five GazF products (Wendar, Denagoth, the Wildlands, Ghyr, Western Alliance). Each of these products will have its own dedicated thread, and there will be at least one general active thread in addition to threads posted by others.

The second sub-forum with be for The Realms of Norwold. This will be similar to the forum above save that it concerns the next 7 gazetteers (Littonia, Heldann, Landfall, Oceansend, Kaarjala, Leeha, Alpha).

Name: "OldDawg Presents: GazF Mystara"
Blurb: Continuing the Gazetteer and Module Tradition Beyond the Known World.
Campaign World: Mystara
Status: Public, all are welcome to contribute
Project Leader: OldDawg. Others may be added later.
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