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Continuing the Gazetteer and Module Tradition Beyond the Known World.

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Welcome to OldDawg Presents: GazF and Other Continuities

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Welcome one and all fans of the
Known World and Mystara!

Last Bits of Advice
Formal Guidelines and Rules for this Forum

This forum is dedicated to projects leading up to the release of fan-written gazetteers, adventures and other supplements in a style reminiscent of the Classic D&D products that were made for the Known World and Mystara.

The projects of this forum may cover any and all areas or eras of Mystara. In the broadest sense, this includes the Hollow World, the moons of Patera and Matera, and other portions of the larger Mystaran Multiverse, but the main focus is on expanding coverage across the Outer World for the modern 1000 AC era.

Those products bearing the "F" imprint in the code title (for example, Gaz F1 The Realm of Wendar, CMF1 Beyond The Final Range) all belong to a common continuity of world history, demography, Immortal-related issues and the like. For ease of reference, this continuity is known as GazF Mystara.

All are welcome to contribute to current working threads, ask questions about or give comments on products thus far released, or open up new threads for discussion - or even jump start your own project. While my interest lies with the GazF setting, this forum will allow for the production of works for other continuities - your continuities.

The currently released and scheduled future products of the GazF continuity may be found here (Not yet activate).

Other continuities can be found via this thread.

All of us at one point or another said, "I bet I can write an adventure! I can create my own boxed set!" In some small way as a GM, DM, or referee, we did do that, but here is your opportunity to really put something together, to have your name grace a supplement, and to impress (or embarrass) your friends and family.

The key is to start small, say what you want the final product to look like, and ask for help.

Keep in mind page-space limits - creativity needs some pressure to truly thrive and reveal what is necessary and what's not. Webpage publications have a general tendency to bloat.

Perhaps toughest of all: welcome all ideas, but don't accept them all. Posters and project leaders should both keep this in mind. A suggested idea can be great and still not fit into the project leader's design, and an old idea that you no longer support could seem just right for the project leader's goals.


There are some guidelines about contributing to existing projects or initiating your own, and there are a few legal points points to keep in mind.
  • I retain ultimate editorial and design control on all projects bearing the "F" imprint and thus belonging to the GazF Continuity. It is my job to say, "This one goes here, that one goes there," so that there is a cohesiveness to the Continuity.
  • GazF products are to be written as "crunch"-lite as feasible, but otherwise default to the Classic Edition of Dungeons & Dragons (also called BECMI or RC, or 0D&D by a limited segment of the population), with an optional section for adaptation guides that reference existing features of other systems (e.g. 2e kits included in the Complete books).
  • A non-GazF product may have any measure of "crunch" and "fluff" and default to any gaming system, past or present. As a product under your control and under its own continuity framework, you may take any liberty with the setting (within bounds of community taste - no EF please) including, as an extreme example, blowing up Mystara to lead into a Spelljammer campaign.
  • For non-GazF products, you are responsible for your own writing, editing, graphics acquisition and layout, sourcing, and conversion to final publication (subject to the rules below), or to recruit contributors to assist. In this regard, I will be a contributor to some, but not all, projects, like everyone else.
  • For branding/referencing purposes, each continuity should be given a distinct, brief alpha-numeric signature that can be incorporated into a product code (e.g. "F"). You may reserve a signature, but after one year, reserved signatures without any published products will be returned to the common pool of potential signatures.
  • The code "CU" is reserved for "Common Use" products that exist largely independent of any continuity, similar to the early modules. Anyone may produce a CU product.
  • No product developed in this forum (GazF or not) may infringe on the copyright of publishing companies (e.g. WotC) or artists (e.g. Clyde Caldwell). Specifically: this means that
    • a released product must use only original or donated graphic elements or graphics that are commonly held to be in the public domain. Authorship of such works must be included in the table of contents or an appropriate index, source table, or kudos mention.
    • Exception: It will be treated as a fair and in good faith use of cover scans (but NOT scans of interior artwork) of existing published products (e.g. the Gazetteers) if their use is not as a cover for either a product or any subsection within a product, but solely as a means of identifying the existing product in question, i.e. as a reference.
    • You may post links to such artwork within working threads, with attribution where possible. You may also post cover mock-ups that include such images, so long as they do not appear in the final product.
    • Should the need arise to mention a particular rule subset, its original source material must be mentioned in that particular section (e.g. "The rules for running a business have been adapted from those in the Companion Set pertaining to dominion rulership."). Mention is warranted either in the table of content, index, source table, or kudos mention. "Fluff" content (such as NPCs, campaign sub-settings) should be mentioned in a kudos.
  • Given the community-concept of fan products and e-zines, a greater deal of borrowing is within the norm, but all adaptations of open-source rules and/or non-rules from independent authors or collective projects (e.g. OD&DITIES, Tome of Mystara, Dragonfoot's periodical) should attribute the source. If that source is itself derivative, it is helpful but not required to list the earlier sources as well. Note that this applies to articles found on the Vaults of Pandius.
  • No remuneration may be accepted or requested for any work in the production of a given product. Attaboys, Congrats, and Whoops are acceptable. ;)
  • As a formal matter, final copyright or copyleft (as chosen) of the overall product resides with the product line head, unless another, explicit arrangement has been made. For GazF this typically means me; however, this does not extend to others' independent projects in this forum even if I were to serve as an editor or contributor. You retain your rights in full. Further, contributors and artists retain all rights to their particular contributions and may use those works elsewhere without reference to the original product.
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