[Ghyr] [LJN] What Non-RPG products feature the LJN Iconic Characters?

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[Ghyr] [LJN] What Non-RPG products feature the LJN Iconic Characters?

Post by Havard » Thu May 31, 2018 3:12 pm

In this thread, we are going through the list of LJN characters and how they are presented in BECMI/Mystara products.

The followng BECMI/Mystara: products detail the LNJ Characters:
AC1 Shady Dragon Inn
XL-1 Quest for the Heartstone
X10 Red Arrow, Black Shield
Gaz4 Kingdom of Ierendi

I recently came across a "story book" produced by Marvel called AD&D: The Treasure of Time. It features many of the LNJ characters, but is made for children and has no other RPG connection than the title. I also know that many of the characters appeared in the D&D Animated Series.

What other non-RPG sources detail these figures? Toys, stickers, books etc


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Re: [Ghyr] [LJN] What Non-RPG products feature the LJN Iconic Characters?

Post by Cthulhudrew » Thu May 31, 2018 3:58 pm

There were several coloring books as well as two illustrated storybooks put out by Marvel/LJN featuring these characters:

Coloring Books
The Rescue of Ringlerun (Ringlerun, Charmay, Strongheart, Silverain, Garn Grey-Gaze, Zarak, Raven, Kelek, Warduke)
AD&D Characters Coloring Book (Strongheart, Caruso, Zarak, Silverain, Garn Grey-Gaze, Zargash, Kelek, Warduke, Mercion, Elkhorn, Filaree, Figgen, Helayne, Fox Fingers)
The Lost Wand (Mercion, Filaree, Elkhorn, Figgen, Helayne, Warduke, Fox Fingers)
The Crown of Rulership (Strongheart, Charmay, Garn Grey-Gaze, Skylla, Warduke, Zarak)

The Treasure of Time (Charmay, Kelek, Figgen, Strongheart)
Forest of Enchantment (Filaree, Caruso, Kelek, Warduke)

There are a couple of "read along" books featuring these characters as well:

Black Dragon Bog (Strongheart, Figgen)
Attack of the Evil Assassins (Zarak, Mercion, Strongheart)
Quest of the Riddles (Strongheart)
Quest for the Cursed Bone (Strongheart, Filaree, Caruso, Mercion, Ringlerun, Skylla, Warduke, Zargash)

And at least one Viewmaster reel with characters like Strongheart, Ringlerun, and Mercion (and Zarak, too, IIRC). There were a lot of stickers and toys and related items as well that are listed at the Toyarchive although those entries are not entirely complete (mostly, though).

EDIT: Included characters featured in the books to the best of my recollection.

EDIT2: Added Quest for the Cursed Bone, which I'd forgotten about until I was able to look at my notes.
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