[PC/NPC] Gravitus (7e)

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[PC/NPC] Gravitus (7e)

Post by dulsi » Fri Jul 19, 2019 9:48 pm

I was going through some old files and found this. I made this character for an online game but never got to play him.

Menispermum Gravitus

Menispermum Gravitus is a mutated yellow parilla. It doesn't like non-plants. It has refused to help the village unless it also benefits the plant or sometimes other plants. Names are for humans not plants. It has refused to accept a name but has accepted a new scientific name to designate it as a new species from the original menispermum canadense.

Gravitus doesn't have a humanoid form instead it looks like a plant but typically floats around by manipulating gravity. It carries a significant chunk of dirt with it. It doesn't have an appendages that serve as arms instead it uses gravity to manipulate anything it needs. A tree trunk serves as his melee weapon of choice and serves as reminder of what humanoids do to plants. Gravitus has acquired .45 magnum that it likes to threaten others with.

Primary Origin: Plant
Secondary Origin: Gravity Controller

Str: 9 (-1)
Con: 20 (+5)
Dex: 11 (+0)
Int: 14 (+2)
Wis: 13 (+1)
Cha: 4 (-3)

+4 Athletics (-1 Str, +4 gravity controller, +1 level)
+10 Nature (+1 Wis, +4 plant, +4 random skill, +1 level)

Light Armor (Bits of rocks and metal float around Gravitus to protect it)
Heavy Two-handed Melee (Tree trunk)
Heavy One-handed Gun (.45 magnum)
Explorer's kit, Heavy flashlight, Duct tape, Handcuffs, steel

HP: 32; Bloodied: 16
Speed: 6
AC: 16 (+1 level, +3 light armor, +2 Int)
Fortitude: 18 (+1 level, +2 plant, +5 Con)
Reflex: 15 (+1 level, +2 gravity controller, +2 Int)
Will: 12 (+1 level, +1 Wis)
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Re: [PC/NPC] Gravitus (7e)

Post by Havard » Sun Jul 21, 2019 4:14 pm

Cool writeup.

Mutated plant PCs always seemed a bit weird to me, but its cool seeing this one.


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