1001 Gamma World (7E) Game Idea

A wacky, wily game of postapocalyptic peril.
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1001 Gamma World (7E) Game Idea

Post by dulsi »

Originally from the WotC boards:
Shesheyan wrote:0001 - You are part of a circus cross-crossing the USAs. The circus has a secret mission only a few members are aware of. You want in but they won't for now. You have to do a couple of missions before you can learn the big secret...
greyseer wrote:0002 - Living in a community on the outskirts of a great ruined city, the elders tell tales of a special place where anything immaginable could be found and the great King Sale Price ruled from his court surrounded by all kinds of fine foods. To become of age you must travel to this place and recover an item labeled by the King. (Mall and food court)
el_shawno wrote:0003 - You're recruited by an A.I. who who wants an organic body to download its consciouness into. In exchange, it will provide a cure for the plague that is moving across the countryside and towards your village. Oh, did it mention that the body it wants belongs to the hulking mutant leader of a biker gang? This may take a few levels before you're ready.
el_shawno wrote:0004 - While Reno, Nevada seems to have survived relatively unscathed, they still have problems. Specifically, it seems as if their Sheriff's Department does more harm than good. Can you help rid the town of these pests - and find some competent replacements?
captainbasilicus wrote:0005 - You have arrived at the gigantic, ancient Hostess Factory. Two rival factions have locked themselves inside the factory and have been there for generations, battling it out, trying to gain control of the entire factory and its prized supply of yellow creme-filled sponge cakes. The factions will not let you leave; Each faction sees your group as the final key to a final confrontation. Will you choose a side? Will you try to escape? Or will you try to win the sweet spongy gold for yourselves?

(This is the plot to Robert E. Howard's Conan tale, "Red Nails," with a little bit of Family Guy inspiration.)
BRJN wrote:0006 - Your village leaders are winding up to have a major argument. You younger folk think it is about something stupid, but nobody actually listens to you. In order to impress people, you need to do something big. Old taboo ruins lie a few days away. Let's go to them, find something attention-getting, come back with it, and make the elders quit fussing around.

If you had been paying attention during council, you might have learned that the argument is about whether or not the ruins are safe to go exploring in.
captainbasilicus wrote:0007- The Christmas riots are raging in old Chicago. City leaders have asked you to calm the uprising, with promises of hoards of Omega tech.
rampant wrote:0008 - Your family is bringing pies to the block party next week. Unfortunately the secret family recipe calls for a spice you just ran out of. Now you have to bust open the abandoned bunker outside town in search of Draino, otherwise you'll be fed to the Badders. This village takes its block parties seriously.
el_shawno wrote:0009 - A number of precious items from your compound turned up missing. A few days later, these itmes are found stashed in your barracks room. You've been framed! You are drummed out of "The Corps" and turned out into the wasteland, which, frankly, is more than your sorry butts deserve. ( It's a good thing the Sergeant Major always liked you.)

After barely surviving a few rough days in the wilderness, you are approached by a super-intelligent rat colony who offers you work. A few pairs of prehensile hands/tentacles come in pretty handy, it seems.

Here's the catch, it was the colony that the party up in the first place! Will the PCs manage to find out. And if they do, what then? Do they try to clear their names? Seek revenge on the colony? Both? Neither? Or do they just bide their time for now?
strand0 wrote:0010 - An area is covered by a white foam rubber for a mile (radius or square) it is a lot of fun to bounce on. Hacking out a chunk to take a long on the road, seems possible. As the foam is carried out of the area in slowly vaporises and flows bach to the area. Trying to dug deep will not reach a bottom.
Tony_Vargas wrote:0011 - Your village has more mutant kids than it can feed. Their solution: send them on a dangerous right of passage into 'Lect City,' a nearby Tomb of the Ancients (an old power plant, with a sign that says Danger: Electricity, none too legibly). Your objective is to prove yourself by finding a 'color band' (ID card) that the shaman will use to interpret your rightful place in the village, or other Omega Tech sufficiently awesome enough to be worth keeping you around for a while.
palmerkun wrote:0012 - Your village is at war with another nearby village over use of the watering hole. Fed up with the interminable fued, the elders send you on a top secret mission - to seek out the legendary BesBy and recover a "Ghetto Blaster" with which to blow up the other village.
doctorcomics wrote:0013 - On their way to a safe village they have visited before, the players find the corpses of other travelers and get the feeling they are being watched. They reach town only to discover it has been put under siege by packs of humanoid "mutants" who run on all fours and kill with enormous jaws and sharp claws. The creatures came from a nearby swamp and don't attack animals, only Pure Strains, Engineered Humans, and Mutant Humans. Farmers have had to flee their fields, no merchant has gotten through in weeks, and now people are being taken from their homes at night. The village is under attack by Shockleys, genetically engineered super-predators.
dudesock wrote:0014 - The youth of the town have begun acting strangely from daydreaming to wandering off in the night. The local priest has blamed it on the radio station in the ruins. When a scout investigated the station he discovered it was run by a Serf and protected by his thanes, the town youth. Some one needs to stop this Thought Master before he can control everyone's mind with the radio waves.
acastonguay wrote:0015-
You first a new city that is split by multiple factions of survivors. You must pick and assert yourselves into on of the gangs and make a rise to the top.
sirkaikillah wrote:0016- An ancestor bequeths to you an Ipad. You find files with video and pictures of Aunt Lynn's great American Tour. YOu get a glimpse of the last page, Aunt Lynn's Paradise Village Condo on Maui. It looks like a great place to live. Yu and your friends follow Aunt' Lynn's Ipad across America. Of course, there is a ot of changes since Aunt Lnn took her tour. Also, the Ipad information may change during an Alpha flux, reflecting the new reality as it presently exists.

0017- The Alpha flux background. The Pcs walk into a new town, one of the Pcs is greeted as "Mr President." All the people and the place seems very familier to the Pc, but he has never been thier..., Deja vu or Alpha flux and the Pc is living an alternate reality, both familiar and unfamiliar.
hailtothethief wrote:0018: Your group stumbles upon a village (filled with whatever you would like, I used androids that all thought they were 14th century serfs) under the shadow of The Factory, in reality an ancient Twinkie factory. In recent days the factory has come to life, emitting strange noises and lights at all hours of the night. Naturally the villagers fear it is haunted, and you are tasked with banishing the evil from the place.

Approaching the Factory the group is ambushed by a roving gang of mercenary Badders, apparently hired to keep unwelcome guests away: a clue that it may be more than a haunting. Upon exploring The Factory (something that can be as long or short as the GM wishes), they learn that it is inhabited by a race of mutant cockroach scientists attempting to ressurect thier deity. This revelation will lead to a dramatic encounter with laser wielding cockroach scientists and, ultimately, the deity himself: a monsterous mutant pastry snack.

Everyone knows the only thing that can survive a nuclear holocaust is cockroach's and twinkies, after all.
Tony_Vargas wrote:0020 - The party is hired/tricked/pressed-into-service by the Iron Society (a Cryptic Alliance that is kinda the opposite number of the Knights of Genetic Purity, they want to do away with humans - this particular faction is also avidly Marxist). They're mission is to infiltrate a domed, computer-controlled, Pure-Strain-Human enclave. Of course, the inhabitants of the enclave are all clones - Engineered humans as mutated as the next denizen of Gamma Terra, but they can't let the computer know that.
sirkaikillah wrote:0021- The party enters a not so sleepy coastal town with an amusement park with a rollercoaster a ferris wheel, ring toss games for teddy bears and cotton candy. Gamma folk from miles arround come to enjoy the thrills and entertainment of the towns "board walk". The town is under the thrall of an Alien mind flayer and it's pet Kraken. The mindflayer is busy exploring the nearby radioactive ruins a formal ancient naval base, looking for tech to "get off this mad world"
l81corvette wrote:0022 - Your party has been travelling the wastes for months and have encountered far more bizarre creatures than even your constantly Alpha-Fluxing self had thought possible. Therefore, you found it quite a welcome change to stumble upon an idyllic, forested oasis literally in the middle of nowhere and what appears to be a simple, non-mutated, fluffy little bunny in a quiet meadow.

As you approach out of curiosity, the bunny suddenly stands erect and points an accusing finger in your direction.

"Stranger danger! Stranger danger!" It shouts while running away into the dense foliage.

You barely have time to process that bizarre incident before the same bunny returns with a host of very large, angry, gun-toting bunnies who explain to you in no uncertain terms that you have defiled the last child of their community you ever will...
voodoodolly wrote:0023- Battle of the Bands: When the characters are invited to play a club in the naboring city, the chance seems like there big break! What they dont know is at "Club Thunderdome" Two bands enter, one band leaves!
sirkaikillah wrote:0024- Invasion!!! The home town is invaded by an army of gigantic Devestator-Bots 2500 XLS by Catapillar! Run! Run for your lives! Run for the hills!!!
0025- You and your team have entered the Gamma Terra Coast to Coast and Back Again Rally Race 5000. On your marks. Get set! Go!!!!
0026- The party has entered a small farm town in Nebraska. Farmers have prospered from trade with New St. Louis and a cache of ancient Omega Tech. Towns people and neighboring farmers have been harrassed by ghosts. Vengful wraiths bend on destroying the town on moonless nights. The wraiths are vengful spirits, hunting for a solenoid to start a diesel generator at an ancient missile silo. The Pc will have to destroy the wraiths and stop thier diabolical plan to nuke those commie pinko living, in order to retrieve the cool Omega tech lost on the missile base.
el_shawno wrote:0027 - A surviving neural network's creator and mater is gone, but its mission remains - it must catalog and commodify everything. To that end, it captures the party and forces them to record everything they see and/or experience by way of neural tranceivers. It also pesters them to identify which of these things they 'like' and incessently demands that they update their 'status' every few hours, even if - especially if - they've nothing to report but the most banal details. As annoying as all of this is, it does allow the party to gather some occasionally useful intelligence. The downside is that if they don't post their thoughts/findings/results regularly enough, the AI pesters them with a series of increasingly painful 'pokes' that will eventully force them to comply.
Tony_Vargas wrote:0028 - The party stumbles upon (is sent to investigate/finds at the end of a long quest/ is exiled to/whatever) a hidden alpine valley containing a small city. It is an outpost of the Ishtar civilization (which, personally, I can't help but picture as an ancient matriarchal 'lost civilization' like Kôr) that survived the collapse of worldlines relatively intact. As such it is a potential source of tons of Omega Tech, but also an oasis of relative (perhaps deceptive) peace and safety. The players could seek to loot the place, or to keep it's secret and 'retire' there, open up trade, or simply to gain knowledge (and tech) more peacefully. However, the Ishtarans are a subtle, politically sophisticated people, and there are wheels within wheels and plots that might ensnare these 'strange visitors...'
sirkaikillah wrote:0029- The party is traveling at night, through the deserts of the south west, when they see a light streak across the sky. It crashes in a valley just over the next hill. After investigating, the party finds a crashed UFO full of Area 52 Omega Tech and two dead gray aliens. Two days latter, at the next town, the party is chillin' in a bar, bragging about their good fortune and the cache of Omega Tech they just found. When walks in a gang of Grays, all of 4' tall with ten gallon cowboy hats, laser pistols at thier sides and bad attitudes. They are looking for their lost cousins' stuff. Who are the fools that robbed thier family? Where did you get that Black Ray Pistol?
Tony_Vargas wrote:0030 - The party encounters a very charismatic 'Pure Strain Human' or 'Engineered Human' with a cybernetic hand, who is trying to re-build civilization. He may offer them Omega tech artifacts in exchange for their help, aid them in a mission, or send them on missions. His Conspiracy checks are off the charts, and anything he doesn't know, his talking hand seems to. (Yes, it's Robert Culp as the Demon With a Glass Hand). For several sessions he seems like a very honest, trustworthy, and useful ally. Until the party finds out (perhaps when he's bloodied) that he's actually a masterfully-crafted android simulacrum. The problem is, he's in psychotic denial of his nature...
thaelor wrote:0031 - Dr. Smiley has created 8 robots with different elemental powers, and sometimes boomerangs or scissors.... and has taken over the ruined city of Chigo. It's up to you to defeat Dr. Smiley and his robot masters to bring peace in the year 2XD6....
sirkaikillah wrote:0032- The party has just caught 30 winks of sleep in a small Inn in a one road town. They are enjoying breakfast in the Inns Diner, flapjacks with maple syrup, bacon, strawberry jam on whole wheat toast. While enjoying breakfast, the party hears a thunderous roar out on the road. It is the "Hogs" motorcycle gang on thier choppers, that could only mean one thing, trouble. A few minutes latter the party hears the laud whine of scores of small fast street motor bikes its the Hoops another motorcycle gang. The players exit the Inn, when its a rumble! The Hogs and the Hoops begin shooting at each other from across town, with the little Inn and Pcs right in the middle. The bike gangs mean business as they are armed with lots of Omega tech. Where did they get all that bling? Can the party capture some for themselves?
mboss77 wrote:0033 - The Iron Society has taken over a television station and need to find certain items to get it working again to broadcast their propaganda. They have once again tricked the party into helping them find cameras, microphones, lights etc. (see 0020)
palmerkun wrote:0034: A group of green mutants known as the "Mints" lives in the tunnels under [City]. They have tough carapaces and exceptional hand to hand skills. They emerge from the tunnels to battle anyone they consider "evil-doers" (this means the party), and to search for the "'Za Lord" who will lead them to the promised land of plenty. They will attack anyone with the Enormous Feet mutation on sight.
el_shawno wrote:0035 - A cryogenically preserved Bob Barker has been unfrozen. He's now been rejuvianted thanks to the magic of Omega Tech and went back to the thing he did best - host the Price is Right. His reasoning was that in a world so beset with chaos and tragedy that a little fun is what is needed to make it a better place. It was a great idea until he ended his first broadcast with his traditional plea to 'please have your pets spayed or neutered.'

The Hoops and Badders have been storming the city gates ever since.
lettuceleaves wrote:0036 - Your entire hometown is about to be ruptured by a gravity flux. You need some type of magical item that can manipulate or defy gravity. Legends tell of an orb that can do just that. It is known as... the fushigi ball.
ravenblood13 wrote:0037: The town the party is from comes under attack by droves of androids who begin to capture and teleport people away. The party is captured and brought to a plant that the androids have converted to "assimilate" all mutants and humans, making them cyborgs to expand themselves. Can the party escape and stop the sinister androids before all thier friends and family are turned into an army of cyborgs?
Tony_Vargas wrote:0038 - When a PC flys unusually high - perhaps a hawkoid, or via Omega Tech like a jetpack or skycycle - over or near a previously explored, uninterresting area, he notices a subtle circular distortion or whorl in the terrain about a hundred meters across. It's only visible from the air, like a crop circle, but more subtle. It's of alien origin: it may turn out to be a 'signal' from an alien explorer awaiting rescue near the center, or the outline of burried saucer. Either way, Area52 tech (and alien danger) await the PCs.
dulsi wrote:0039 - Your party has recently uncovered an old ripped book. It appears to be the beginnings of a story about an event like the Big Mistake. Multiple earths were being merged together. Another book took place after the "Crisis" but the world was relatively unscarred by the merging of multiple realities. Sheajud, an elder in the community, argued that we should discover the secrets of their success but most people didn't want to waste the time. She has asked you to go to IJ ollect, an archivist stronghold. They have many similar types of books.

(For those who don't recognize it, they found an issue of Crisis of Inifinite Earths.)
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Re: 1001 Gamma World (7E) Game Idea

Post by dulsi »

Tony_Vargas wrote:0040 - The party is hired/volunteers to help a 'village' located in the outskirts of a devestated ancient city. The villagers have begun noticing strange lights and noises in one part of the ancient city, and items of technology - even just metal - have begun disapearing from town. The disturnances are caused by a batch of Xi nannites trying to re-build a city block of the ruins into a cyberpunk-style archology. They've stripped much of the uninhabbitable regions of the city for raw materials, and are particularly 'ravenuous' for an Xi tech that may wander into the area. Conversely, though, they have 'reject piles' of Ishtar and Area52 tech (mostly stripped of useable components/elements and useless, but only mostly). The nannites build robots to defend their jobsite, and convert captured enemies into cyborgs (reprogrammed to be 'normal' Xi citizens), but the PCs may be able to infiltrate the project by pretending to be potential residents, local authorities, or the like. It's a chance to explore pre-Mistake Xi society. The DM should have a way to shut down or 'tame' the nannites...
sirkaikillah wrote:0041- The good citizens of Deerpoint have hired you and your crew to ride shotgun as they deliver their harvest to market in Far Go, two tankers of ethanol fuel from Sorghum, will be traded for new farm tools, maybe even a Harvest Combine XL- 1200, and medical supplies. The citizens of Deerpoint offer survival equipment including food, clothing, and beer, ammo, fuel for the journey then 100 gallons after reaching Far Go. Between Deerpoint and Far Go, the Hogs, porker biker gang and the Hoppers, hoops biker gang. It's Road Warrior time.
sandrodent wrote:0042- The seers have declared that the party must journey to the legendary city of Chai-ton to recover the Golden F.L.E.E.C.E. (Fracturing Laser Exploration Excavation and Construction Equipment, a big laser drill). They have a stem powered river boat (the largest boat on the river), supplies, and a crew of fifty. Bonus XP if PCs match the characters from the myth.
whitishknight wrote:0043 - The PCs spend their days warring over the convict-ruled town of Independence, Misery. Tired of this hostility, and hearing of the fortunes to be had in the Organ Territories to the north west, the PCs pack up their supplies in their mutant-oxen-pulled pick-up truck and head on up the "Organ Trail".

Having stocked up on supplies from Matt the Rat's General Store (after heated bartering and a five-finger discount Skill Challenge), the group's travels bring them to the Kansas River. The oily, blackened liquid presents a problem... will you ford the river in your hunk of steel, caulk the river with a quick Mechanical check and two keelboats, or deal with the sinister "Safe Crossing" tent?
Tony_Vargas wrote:0044 - The PCs find an unusually talkative GPS device. It not only tells them where they are with perfect accuracy (surprising in itself, given the dicey nature of the GPS constellation in a world of collapsed alternate realities), but offers to lead them to all sorts of interesting (and dangerous places). Though it exhibits possible sentience, it /seems/ to all inspection to be nothing more than a bit of 21st century tech. What's really up with it? Is it an Omega Tech AI capable of altering it's apearance? Is it actually just a transiever being used by persons unknown to dupe the PCs?
caz_granberg wrote:0045 - A town sits on the edge of a veritable sea of dormant nanotechnology. It emulates water now, but people have seen signs of it becoming active. What possible threat does it pose to the world at large? How can you and your friends use even a small part of that sea?
mouthymerc wrote:046-Labratory of Doom

Take the Tomb of Horrors, put a tech spin on all the traps and a mutant or robotic spin on the few creatures and you have the Labratory of Doom. Placed in some obscure part of your world, it was created by some mad scientist or perhaps a group of them. Maybe the headquarters of some nefarious group. Perfect setting for a game where players expect their characters to die or want them to so they can create new ones.
sirkaikillah wrote:0047- The party is travelling through the country side, a shriek from the sky, from of the sky, It's Capt. Scarlet Wing and his vulturemen pirates (use accocora) in zepplins and carrying rifles. Capt, Scarletwing has an eye patch and a sabor in one talon and a grenade launcher where the other leg should be!
sandrodent wrote:0048- FunLand, an abandoned third rate amusement taken over by a Serf and his horde of cronies. He is raiding the local settlements, and needs to be stopped. Fun House, fetid bumper boats, a ferris wheel, the midway of death, and a plywood and fake rock 'castle'.
calculusgirl wrote:0049 - Down the Drain

PCs explore Pipeland, an underground sewer city, in search of a lost piece of tech known only as the 910D0 Glove of Power. Watch out for the giant mutant plants that grow from pipes and like to devour adventurers.
sirkaikillah wrote:0050- The party enters a dirty cantina in a dusty ol' desert town. The cantina is full of all kinds of mutants, of various sizes,shapes and skin color from fucia to deep purple. The randy man behind the counter cocks his head, looks at the party and exclaims, "Your 'droids, they'll have to stay outside. We don't serve thier kind." Another mutant patron approaches one of the party and says, "My friend he don't like you. I don't like you either, I have the death sentences in 12 districts. You'll be dead!!!"
caz_granberg wrote:0052 - House of Gold

The mutants stumble across an old movie set that is now a house of ill-repute. The girls need your help to fend off a crazy robot that thinks it is a fire and brimstone preacher.
Preston_R wrote:0053

One of the heroes has a strange mutation (well, stranger than others). He is pursued by an evil warlord named "Bett-E" on behalf of aliens from area 52. Can the heroes defeat the warlord, his mutant cattle, and his song about big butts? Or will Evil Bett-E be triumphant?
caz_granberg wrote:0054 - Quantum Mutation

An errant quantum effect has left the heroes in the bodies of a nearby Warlord and his retinue. The heroes bodies are... elsewhere.
Preston_R wrote:0055 - Collectors Edition

The party is chosen to head into the ruins to find as many artifacts of a particular kind as they can for "The Planeswalker" Obo Tiddleminks. The only problem is that these artifacts are small square pieces of paper with odd pictures and text on them. But Obo is obsessed with completing his collection!

What happens when the party finds an abandoned "omics & Gam" store infested with all sorts of nasties from dimensions beyond our own?

What happens when a cryptic note leads them down into the dark dungeons to fight against a radical cult of dragon worshipers?

Will Obo be happy with "booster packs" and not singles?

Only time will tell!
jeffesh wrote:0056 - An archivist hires the party to investigate several locations with a "church" of the ancients that has two golden arches on a sign outside. Chicken nuggets could come to life!

0057 - Some of Google's servers are still operating and a cult of some kind has started worshiping it. Of course the ancient servers are not working right and often give wrong results although the culist don't know that.
RedSiegfried wrote:0058 - Your group of soliders of fortune, pursued by the authorities for a crime they didn't commit, are hired by the head of an orphanage for pure blood human children to stop an evil crime boss trying to run the orphanage off their land. The adventure starts off with a fight during which several children are kidnapped. The party pursues to confront the big bad and finds themselves locked in an old shop filled with ancient junk where they participate in a skill challenge to build an improvised war machine which they use to break out of the shop and rescue the orphans. Of course there are lots of explosions and flipping vehicles, no one actually gets killed, the orphans are rescued and the big bad crime lord is arrested at the end while the soldiers of fortune escape one step ahead of the authorities. They don't get paid by the orphanage but hey, those orphans sure are happy!

Sound familiar?
jeffesh wrote:0059 - The party find themselves entering a sea side town where every one is a mutation similar to "Creature from the Black Lagoon" who worship a deity called Dagon. What are their sinister plans?

0060 - Meanwhile many people are having strange dreams about a terrible creature with a squid-like head slumbering under the sea. Will it arise? Are the stars right?

A reality crossover has brought the adventurers into a place where the books of H.P. Lovecraft have become real.
Preston_R wrote:0061 - Poor unfortunate souls

The android kings 'daughter' R. E. L. has fallen in love with an engineered human. In desperation she turns to the mad scientist of the wastes Ur'Salah who offers to transplant her psyche into the body of a lovely engineered human on one condition, that Ur'Salah keeps possession of her android body "for safe keeping, of course."

Can the party recover the princess' former body before it can be reprogrammed into an assassin? Or will Ur'Salah win the day and retrieve the android kings Omega Tech trident, bringing ruin to the entire region?

And what of R. E. L.? Will she find true love with the object of her affection, or can she be pursauded to return to her father in his hour of need?

You poor unfortunate souls have a lot of work cut out for you. :D
el_shawno wrote:0062 - A group of Seismics has built a settlement near your town. They're generally peaceable but that hasn't stopped them from being the target of a swarm of angry, intelligent pigeons. The pigeons are obsessed with defecating on the Seismics and raid their encampment at least once a week to do just that. At first, the Seismics handled all of this with great forbearance but have had enough and are starting to fight back. And now the 'poop war' threatens to become a real one. What can you do to defuse the situation before it gets out of hand?

Added wrinkle: more than a few of your fellow townsfolk are pro-pigeon swarm. The guano trade is a lucrative one.
Oraibi wrote:0063 - You start doing something or other, and then soon realize it's a thinly veiled Gamma Terra version of a well-known plot from a famous movie except with really bad puns. Hilarity often ensues.
thaelor wrote:0064 - This game story idea is entirely too reprehensible to put in print.

The Aristocrats!
caz_granberg wrote:0065 - Out away from anything any of you would consider civilization, you've discovered the corroded hull of an airplane. Inside, there are skeletal remains of several Ancients, and cases full of gold. Can you survive long enough to make the most of your treasure?
sirkaikillah wrote:0066- The party enters a large comlex looking for omega tech. It is Monsanto Genetics Corp, and the party is attacked by 6' tall humanoid zombie chickens. the party must fight through a host of mutated zombie monsters, only to find the whole place run by Tomm, a brain in a jar.
Tony_Vargas wrote:0067 - The party enters a civilized, peaceful-seeming farming community made up entirely of mutated animals. The citizens greet them warmly enough, at first, but a porker picks a fight with them. After they send him packing with a bruised ego (and body, presumably), more porkers and some particularly vicious mutated canines show up, intent on detaining them for being 'enemy agents' and 'counter-revolutionaries.' If they're carrying ammunition or if any of them attempt to barter trade goods, they get in even more trouble. The PCs are probably powerful enough to escape, but on the way they figure out just how oppressive a 'government' the porkers and canines have set up - they'll probably want to do something about it.
caz_granberg wrote:0068 - You and your fellow adventurers come across a wrecked vehicle that defies what you've seen before. Boxy, with massive thrusters beneath, it must have been some kind of flyer. As you explore the inside, you find the 'digested' remains of several humanoids, and parts of strange metal limbs. Near the back of the vehicle, there is a now-leaking cannister labeled "BIOHAZARD - CARBON PLAGUE"

The Gamma Generation is only an upgrade away...
maddreamer wrote:0069 - Someone went to the forbidden land (an ancient military factory) and awaken the Beast (a mutated cyborg tyranosaurus that can shot laser from it's eyes and rockets from it's back). The player must find the beast (following it's rampage) and put an end to it.

Put Soundtracks from heavy metal in background and voilà!
sirkaikillah wrote:0070- Far, far, far away, can be seen the "Stairway to Heaven", a tower in the middle of the desert reaching into the heavens beyond sight, it can be seen for hundreds of miles. Some say the ancients built it to speak with God. Some say the souls of the dead find thier way to the "Stairway to Heaven". All agree it is a holy place, guarded by traps, killer attack robots and 'flying dragons called raptors'
vbmew-01 wrote:0071/1000

The city of Industry survived the Big Mistake with little damage, and its leaders were quick to surround its borders with tall razor-wire fences, harvested from surrounding burgs. The power stayed on and the mills kept running, with minor changes for necessity's sake.

Time has passed, and though the population of Industry is just as mutated as the rest of the world, they enjoy the relative peace and safety of their closed home. Everyone works until they can't, at which time they are exiled into the wasteland (out of necessity, based on resources). For the rich, wealth is measured by the workers you own (via five or ten-year contracts), and the poor measure their fortunes in their food pantries, making the best deal they can for the sweat of their brows. The only thing that is common between them is entertainment; it is free for all via the Big Screen in every home, store, and tavern.

Hordes of strange game shows (think the running man on acid) are shown daily on countless channels, separated only by commercials that offer better employment for those that are free to sign, or propaganda about the government of Industry and its armies' latest victories against the other surviving cities (a little nod to Orwell, where the right amount of patriotism is required for safe living). The number one show on the Big Screen is Outworld, and it is viewable 24-7 on channels 380-405.

Outworld is about teams of patriotic volunteers (soldiers, searchers, and thrill-seekers) who go out into the wastes seeking "big scores" for the city while killing everything in sight. The shows popularity is fueled by the promise of care donations to the city's poor, items found in the wastes, and it seems to be true because boxes of goods commonly end up on people's doorsteps, emblazoned with the show's logo. The concept is that city can be expanded if the outside world is cleaned up, but it is all a fabrication.

The truth is that the volunteers are chosen from among those who sign with the big companies, possess necessary aptitude, and have something to lose. Going on the show isn't a choice for them, it is a requirement. Failure to comply results in death and the death of those you love. Revealing the true nature of the show has similar ends. The conspiracy, of course, reaches further than Outworld, as the companies are all in cahoots, planning to overthrow the government and bring about their own rule, a city ruled by different business owners who own their workers for life and compete to make goods that they can trade with one-another.

The twist is that the government is well aware of the trade-council's plan, but have made of their own. If the show is their springboard, the government can use it likewise by placing their own agents in the teams to ensure failure (via suicidal sabotage) when something too good is found. After which, of course, they can go in and pluck up the resources to keep everything on an even keel and control those who would usurp their power. The question is, how much does the trade-council know, and what are they planning to do about it.

(Kind of got rambly there at the end I think...but obviously the players would be the Outworld team, and one of them the government's agent)
vbmew-01 wrote: 0072/1000

"The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed."......seriously, what could be more fun than a little Roland at the square table. Nah, I got a real one for you.


The six towns have been allied for ages now (nearly two years), and relative peace endures. What happens when a small band of armed marauders begin to systematically attack the towns at their weakest points, stealing women, tech and food (no, not that). Well of course things will get hard for the leader of this federation, the mayor of the biggest town (La'Oma City). The other mayors, led by his biggest opponent, are screaming for new leadership as the militia is unable to stop the outlaws at every point.

The outlaws are our fearless players, and they were hired by the opponent. Do the characters grow a conscience, or is the money too good for that? What if they are actually spies for a bigger city up the river, sent to sow chaos in the chaotic world?

Set it all in Oklahoma and it's just about right. They tell me I was born there, but I really don't remember.

Been done a bit, but I think it works.
necronomipod wrote:0074 - You stumble upon an ancient underground city caught up in the middle of a battle between a group of cyborgs with the brains of dead U.S. presidents led by Ronnie Ray-gun (Ronald Reagan's brain in a robot body) and legions of demons under the command of a sorcerous Fidel Castro.
vbmew-01 wrote:0075/1001

Camelot (don't yawn just yet)

On one of the countless Earths (maybe 983-7a), King Arthur was resurrected by the power of the Holy Grail when Sir Bors retrieved it from the Isle of Sarras and brought it to the Lady of the Lake. In deep heartache, he chose not to return to Camelot at that time, but sought to spend time in prayer, willing that god might tell him the right time to return.

In 1941, as part of Operation: Sealion, the Nazis invaded and occupied Great Britain (on Earth 983-7a, at leastWink). King George VI and other members of the monarchy were imprisoned at Buckingham Palace, as Hitler sought a treaty with them, and their aid against the Soviet Union. Sure of their pending execution, Winston Churchill (the Prime Minister) searched from hiding to find any power he might use to save the empire; his success surprised even him. Using every resource available to him, he came upon the answer in the most unlikely of people, a spy (and alleged wizard) named Aleister Crowley.

Crowley belonged to a secret order, supposedly founded by Merlin, that held the secret of Arthur's immortality and the means of contacting him. Though disliked by others of his order due to his eccentricities, Crowley enjoyed much acclaim when he brought the Prime Minister to Avalon (via an old, crumbling map) for a meeting with the "Once and Future King". It was in this meeting that Churchill and Arthur lay much of the groundwork for the resurrection of the empire under the leadership of its greatest king, and the return of the Knights of the Round Table. Both Crowley and Churchill were granted a "sip from the cup" to rejuvenate them and extend their years, as the first of the new knights. The three of them left the isle to reclaim the empire.

Fast forward a bit, right before the Big Mistake. This part is not greatly fleshed out yet...time is against me at the moment.

Arthur expanded his empire greatly and great advances were made in science due to his ability to grant long lives to the greatest minds of the world. He controlled them all by only granting them a drop at a time from the Grail, enough to sustain them for years, but not forever.

Throughout his new reign, Arthur tried repeatedly to clone Lancelot and Guinevere, his two great loves (as a brother kinsman and a wife), but it always ended in nearly prophetic tragedy.

After the Big Mistake, Arthur was unaffected but his Knights were all mutated (imagine Churchill as a swarm of eclectic, hard-backed beetles complete with monocle and three-piece suit). In the new world of Gamma Terra, Camelot is a growing power and its Knights strive diligently to preserve as much of the old world as they can even as they are embracing the changes that have come. Nothing is more exciting to an enlightened mind as the concept of great change and new adventure.

((If anyone has any thoughts on this setting, like I do, send me an email at Hezakial_at_gmail.com. I have considered expanding it into its own thread at some point with more detail and statblocks for the principle characters and new Omega Tech for 983-7a. I enjoy the idea of tying myth with history and twisting it Gamma-style))
darko_blades wrote:0076/1001
Leonardo Da Vinci was more than an exceptional artist and inventor, in one world line he was a time traveller! Now he's stuck on Gamma Terra still partly dressed in renaisance clothing (pantaloons, beret etc) but with some gamma twists e.g night vision goggles, lazer pistol, twinkee pouch. He approaches the party to gather Omega Tech that could help him make another time machine.
CaptainWesker wrote:0077/1001

Your characters come across a man delivering mail for the Restored Peoples Soviet Republic, being attacked by bandits.

The postman dies and the players deliver the mail. What they don't realise is that the idea of the the peoples republic comes from an old supercomputer who has also created a restored united states and is attempting to recreate the cold war. This is in order to complete its primary program of retaliatiory strikes in the event of global war. The computer was deactivated just before the great catastrophe for maintenence, and was restarted by a party who tripped a still funtioning security program while searching for omega tech. This re-started the computer along with its nano-factories and army of security drones.

Thats going to be the plot for my adventure module.
Muderfly wrote:0078/1001

a settlement is having some problems with a larger than usual Sep (land shark), so much so that they've been force to move to the base of the mountains near by, whci he cant seem to get to. THey contact the PCs or they stumble upon them where ultimately they have to deal with it, which could lead to a BBEG controlling it... but mostly its Jaws on land.
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Re: 1001 Gamma World (7E) Game Idea

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Great stuff! :D
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