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Sudden Death/Overtime, a scenario

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 1:03 pm
by Saunatonttu
So, I got thinking. Canada needs a Gamma World scenario. And what better gimmick for one than Ice Hockey? In this thread I'll start writing the scenario bit by bit - any and all running commentary while I am at it will be much appreciated! :)


Our story starts in a random small town somewhere that used to be Canada.

When the group arrives at the town, they will bear witness to an ultra-violent version
of street hockey played on a rink that has been created on what used to be a parking lot
by barbed wire. The players look like people from Road Warrior - with their random pieces
of sports armour, bats and stabs. Describe the scene vividly and violently, a few broken
jaws, people coughing up blood, a goal, a stomp on someone's head.

A greasy ratman in a cheap suit is taking bets. If a player wants to bet, they will get
winnings of 50% on 1-2/d6 if they just bet on the match blind - with a suitable knowledge
or gambling skill roll, the odds of victory should go up greatly, but the stakes should
be low enough for this to just be a distraction, not a real way of making money.

While the characters are watching the game, an elderly man in beige hooded robe approaches
the group. He introduces himself as Wayne 99, and extends a crude cyberneting hand for a
shake. Wayne laments the game, and what has become of it - he well remembers the stories
of what it used to be, before the apocalypse - and how the Soul of the country has been lost
since, how the fabled Artifact called the Cup of Lord Stanley would be the only thing that
could help him make things better again. To heal Mother Canada.

This should of course lead to an offer. Wayne99 knows two things - location of the Cult
Hall of Hockey in Toronto - where the documents detailing the last known hiding place of
the Cup can be retrieved, and the location of a secret cache of pre-apocalypse gear that
Wayne will reveal to the player characters on delivery of the Cup.

If the players agree, it's time to head to Toronto!

Re: Sudden Death/Overtime, a scenario

Posted: Sat Dec 17, 2016 4:29 pm
by Yaztromo
Looking forward to read more! :)

Re: Sudden Death/Overtime, a scenario

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 6:42 am
by Saunatonttu
Started working on the random encounters chart for the mean streets of Toronto, here's what I've got so far:

-A huge haunch of pork, fell off someone's bike, protests violently if the PCs try to cook it.
-A half-naked muscleman charges in and puts a random PC in a Sharpshoter. Roll vs. STR to escape.
-2-12 Rob Ford party gangers approach and try to shake the party down for money, violence should ensue.
-A Cellar Shark tries to lure the party into an ambush in his lair. He has a large stash of opium.
-Roaming band of 2-8 hockey cultists, wearing cult robes. Usual shakedown/threats with high chance of violence. As an option there could be another Hockey Cult that shows up, and both sides attack the party as well as each other.
-Mated pair of Mounties on robotic horses with deathray eyes.
-A nice old lady crossing the street. Has chainsaw. BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!
-A wild looking man appears and suspiciously offers you some of his "merchandise". If you agree to take it, you are handed an used copy of B/X D&D.

Re: Sudden Death/Overtime, a scenario

Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2016 5:27 pm
by Dread Delgath
Hah! I knew it wasn't a waste of time to subscribe to this thread!

Re: Sudden Death/Overtime, a scenario

Posted: Fri Dec 23, 2016 2:12 pm
by Recklessfireball
-A nice old lady crossing the street. Has chainsaw. BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!
This is awesome! Okay, the whole thing is awesome, but I love the randomness of this. :lol:

Just wrapped up my Steam Punk mini-campaign and everyone voted to do Post Apocalypse next. I may have to steal this for my game at some point down the road. :mrgreen:

Re: Sudden Death/Overtime, a scenario

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 6:07 pm
by Saunatonttu
Tower of the Tiger Guru

On their journey through the streets of Toronto, the players might come up short with info on something... That is a convinient time for them to run into a semi-friendly NPC who will - for a price - direct them to the Tower of the Tiger Guru. A local sage, and a connoisseur of manflesh. The Guru, as the locals call him - his true name is lost in the mists of fiction - lives at the top floor of a somewhat intact, but mostly deserted skyscraper. The only other occupants of the tower are the Guru's servants, robed eunuchs constantly drugged by the Guru and a small clan of albino ghouls in the flooded basement level.

If the PCs approach peacefully, and respectfully, the eunuchs will grant them safe(ish) passage upwards. If they don't, the servants will promptly and strongly tell the group to sod off, OR ELSE (this is a good time to mention the security drones that conveniently arrive around the corner,) armed with 1-2: lasers 3-4: machineguns 5-6: one of each). Their choice.

The elevator is reserved for the Guru, so the players will have to take the stairs. On their way up 32 floors, any random encounter will always be an albino ghoul ambush from the vents (these fellas are pests). And when they arrive at the armoured door of the Guru and have a reasonable enough idea of payment, they will be granted entrance. One working idea for the price is the opium from the stash of the Cellar Shark.

The Guru will be waiting for them, sitting in his Lounge chair, sipping Brandy (he has St. Remy imprisoned and held in stasis, and bleeds perfect brandy from him every time he needs a new batch - cunning sod), wearing slippers and a smoking jacket. This is very, very 1st Edition AD&D Rakshasa, visually.


If the players do well, they will get the info needed for the price they came up with. If they piss off the Guru or otherwise act out, there will be a combat (the Guru sees the PCs as nothing more than lunch anyway, but is civilized enough to not eat them, if all goes well). The Guru is a tough opponent - he knows Kung Fu and is able to dodge virtually any kind of projectile attack rather nonchalantly. Of course the eunuchs and security drones will join the fray, so there's a very, very hard fight to be had. In case of player victory, there's a treasure trove of long lost information in the books and scrolls of the Guru (unfortunately mostly illegible to anyone but the folks who make a very, very hard science roll, due to the peculiar script used by Guru and his scribes) and Heaven will pay a nice sum of cold hard cash (which might have no value in the post-apocalyptian times) for the safe return of St. Remy.

Re: Sudden Death/Overtime, a scenario

Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2016 10:05 am
by Saunatonttu
The Hockey Hall of Fame Temple

The main goal in Toronto should be getting entrance to the Hockey Cult Temple housed in the old, mostly ruined Hall of Fame building. Gaining entrance is strictly forbidden for people who don't belong in the cult, so the options for the players will basically be:

a) Get hockey cult robes somewhere (either from a random encounter on the streets, or by setting up an ambush near the Temple and waiting for suitable robed victims to arrive - should take 1-4 randomencounters worth of time for a band of cultists to show up) sneaking around in robes will be okay in the general areas, but the inner chambers will need good roleplaying and/or very good diplomacy skill/charisma rolls.
b) Stealth - the building is ruined, so finding another entrance is possible if quite challenging a stealth skill test, consisting of multiple rolls and building tension inside when the players get deeper into the Temple and more cultists are around the more important areas. Diversionary tactics will of course help with this approach.
c) All out assault - this should both bring the majority of the cult instantly against the PCs (about 20-30 people, armed with close combat weapons and 30% small arms) with the main guard and the major priests setting up defensive positions around the inner sanctum. Should be VERY challengin but doable, if the players have hardware and are 'ard and smart enough with their tactics.

(I'll be adding the room descriptions to this post as I write them)

1) Foyer and Admissions:

In the lobby is a desk where a cult clerk armed with a sawn off shotgun and a spear manufactured from a hockey stick sits guard. There's also a goalie mask and machete display here and a rather beat up old Honda (it has no gas, but is in otherwise barely running condition) just outside the entrance guarded by two cultists with noives (noif - a type of knife, d4).