Playable Gamma World monsters

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Playable Gamma World monsters

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Dulsi posted a reply in the "How well do the 3.5 Gamma World rules work?" topic where he pointed out that Gamma World had monsters with Level Adjustements:
dulsi wrote:
Tue Apr 03, 2018 2:32 pm
How did I not reply to this long ago? This Gamma World edition is based on d20 modern not D&D 3.5. Although they do have suggestions for using it with 3.5 in one of the books. I found the initial release of this edition disappointing. They didn't have enough mutations. Over time they greatly improved that. Every monster in the monster book which is intelligent is given a level adjustment which is awesome.
How easy is it for a GM to let players play these monsters?

Are there rules for looking at the Level Adjustments and (if appropriate) Monster Hit Dice to work out the Effective Character Level built into Gamma World? Or do GMs need to turn to d20 Modern or 3rd Edition D&D for the rules to play these monsters?

Are there Monster Classes for any monsters with Hit Dice? Or would a GM need to look at something like the D&D book Savage Species to infer Gamma World Monster Classes?

Is there a good range of Monster Feats? Or would it be worth raiding feats from D&D and/or d20 Modern?

Has anyone run a game with playable Gamma World monsters? How well did it go? Was it fun? Did the monster end up derailing the game? Did the game end up making the monster impossible to play?
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