[Metamorphosis Alpha] What's the appeal?

A wacky, wily game of postapocalyptic peril.
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[Metamorphosis Alpha] What's the appeal?

Post by Princess Strega »

With Gamma World, D20 Apocalypse, Deadlands, Darwin's World and a slew of other post-apocalyptic RPGS, I am curious to know what drives gamers to MA.

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Re: [Metamorphosis Alpha] What's the appeal?

Post by dulsi »

Metamorphosis Alpha came first. It was designed by James Ward the creator of Gamma World. The security cards in some versions of Gamma World make more sense in a generational ship. Monsters that end in "oid" (Wolfoid, Bearoid, etc.).

Frankly I've never really wanted to play/run Metamorphosis Alpha but I have collected some versions. I had hoped to use MA 5E to run a Gamma World game but alas it won't be compatible with 4E D&D.
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Re: [Metamorphosis Alpha] What's the appeal?

Post by Seer of Yhog »

I've seen older of editions of the book, and liked the classic illustrations (which, I think, were done by Jim Holloway).
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Re: [Metamorphosis Alpha] What's the appeal?

Post by Idabrius »

I myself have also never played MA, but I think the appeal (what drew me to the game, anyway) is a strong science fantasy setting with a sort of pessimistically nihilistic view of the player's actions.

Starship Warden is just a crazy place to explore, particularly if your players have never heard of MA or think they're about to get into just another regular D&D game... and then those magical items turn out to be suspiciously technological and they wander off the garden levels and into a duct area...

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Re: [Metamorphosis Alpha] What's the appeal?

Post by Baron »

I bought 1st ed Gamma World, loved it, and learned that it had a predecessor, Metamorphosis Alpha. It took me many years to finally acquire a copy. MA is the rpg version of a specific type of fiction, the lost colony ship. I was a fan of that fiction, and so was very pleased to finally get the rpg. I hope to get a face-to-face game together some day.

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Re: [Metamorphosis Alpha] What's the appeal?

Post by Modiphius »

Played it age 10 thinking i was a PC in D&D - when I realised it was a spaceship,...wow...loved it ever since

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Re: [Metamorphosis Alpha] What's the appeal?

Post by Havard »

The thing that got me interested in MA was its connection to Expedition to Barrier Peaks, which again was most likely inspired by ideas from Dave Arneson's campaign.


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