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[Koryo] What do you like about Koryo?

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2018 3:45 pm
by Big Mac
Here is the opening blurb from the Koryo article on Forgotten Realms Wiki:
Koryo on Forgotten Realms Wiki wrote:Formerly known as Choson, the Empire of Koryo, commonly known simply as Koryo, was an association of three kingdoms—Silla, Koguryo, and Saishu—on the southern end of the Koryo Peninsula in northeast Kara-Tur, active in the mid–14th century DR. They were home to the Koryoan people, a proud, exuberant, and fearless folk who were keenly defensively minded.
Has anyone done anything with this region of Kara-Tur? What are the things you like best about the region?

There is mention of an ancient civilisation in the Prehistory section of the article:
Koryo on Forgotten Realms Wiki wrote:An ancient civilization once stood in the Quang Muku Forest, remembered only in local myths of a lost city of temples and men who stood 8 feet (2.4 meters) tall. By the 14th century DR, the ancient people lived on as forest-dwelling tribes, known to the Koryoans as savages and strange cannibals.
How well does that fit in with the other ancient people of Toril? Does anyone have any idea what ancient races might be 8 feet tall?