FR-style Regional Feats for Kara-Tur

Oriental Adventures in Kara-Tur, the Eastern Realms.
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FR-style Regional Feats for Kara-Tur

Post by Big Mac »

I'm struggling a bit with Kara-Tur, as it's not been defined the same way as Faerûn has.

The 3rd Edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting introduced the idea of Player Character Regions (and Regional Feats). One of the regions was The Hordelands on page 31.

Player's Guide to Faerûn updated the system, and included information for The Hordelands (page 12) and adds in Shou (page 14). But they are talking about all Shou as expatriates who have travelled west (when I want Shou in Shou Lung).

Races of Faerûn also mentions "Human, Shou" on page 108 and "Human, Tuigan" on page 109.

I believe that Shou Lung and Tu Lung are supposed to be one country that split. So maybe the Shou stuff from mainstream FR products might cover those two countries (or maybe Tu Lung could be hacked from what Shou Lung has, to make it slightly different).

But the nations of Kara-Tur don't seem to have their personalities in the game rules in the 1e Oriental Adventures. So I'm wondering how to add in some other details.

Does anyone know of a Web Enhancement or magazine article that does this sort of thing?

Regional Feats for Forgotten Realms sub-settings: Al-Qadim, Kara-Tur, Maztica, Arcane Age, The Horde, Malatra: The Living Jungle, Realmspace
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Re: FR-style Regional Feats for Kara-Tur

Post by Isuru »

Big Mac wrote:
Sat Jun 27, 2020 4:00 pm
Does anyone know of a Web Enhancement or magazine article that does this sort of thing?
Those would be ancestor feats. Dragon Magazine #315 updated Ancestor Feats to 3.5E standard (in line with the Player's Guide to Faerun 3.5E update to the 3E FRCS).

Cthulhudrew had a good summation of 3/3.5E era supplemental materials for Kara-Tur in this thread, Kara-Tur in later editions: viewtopic.php?f=38&t=23100
Cthulhudrew wrote:
Fri Dec 27, 2019 5:16 pm
Good question. I haven't kept up that much with post 3E Realms (or WotC) publishing, but I do recall a couple of things Kara-Tur related from 3E.

Dragon Magazine articles:
#289: Asian-themed issue for 3E (not specifically Kara-Tur that I recall, but could be used with that setting)
#315: Ancestor feats and martial arts styles
#318: 3.5E update for 3.0 Oriental Adventures, as well as a Ninja base class (which I think is the version reprinted in the Complete Adventurer, though I'm not sure, as there were so many ninja classes and prestige classes that came out in 3E)
#344: Lung Dragon clerical domain (in article "Devotees of the Dragon")
#349: The Horde: Barbarians of the Endless Waste
#351: City of Cham Fau and White Tiger Monastery

The Unapproachable East: Forgotten Realms campaign book. It includes some history of Kara-Tur as impacted in the UE region of the Realms, including some feats and regional ancestry information for KT characters. At least one city in UE is noted as having a sizable KT immigrant population.

The Complete "XXX" Splatbooks: Samurai, Ninja, Wu Jen, and Shugenja base classes appear in the Complete Warrior, Adventurer, Arcane, and Divine, respectively.

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