Mapping Maztica

Mezo-American adventures in Maztica, the True World.
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Mapping Maztica

Post by Jürgen Hubert » Sun Mar 11, 2018 9:06 am

One of my ongoing projects is to create an Inkscape map of Maztica. I using Inkscape for this because unlike with bitmap-based programs it is very easy to scale the map without scaling artifacts (such as aliasing) - and it is much easier to add new landmarks later on as well.

So far, I've recreated the coastlines and major rivers (and I've added a few minor rivers as well), and I've included both the "City of Gold" sub-map and parts of Lopango. Here is a bitmap of the current version (which is extremely large - I've designed this as an A0 poster map and exported it with 360 dpi), and here is the SVG (Scaleable Vector Graphics) version, which is editable in Inkscape.

While this map is primarily intended for my "Returned Maztica" project - and it will reflect that version of the setting, once I add specific locations to it - others should feel free to use this map or variants of this for their own projects, including DM Guild publications (as long as I get name credit).
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