[5e] Plumaweavers and Hishnashapers

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[5e] Plumaweavers and Hishnashapers

Post by Dragonhelm » Thu Nov 30, 2017 11:26 pm

Just curious what folks thought about how plumaweavers and hishnashapers should be portrayed in D&D 5e. Should they be wizard schools? What about warlock pacts? Hishnashaper seems like a natural warlock to me.

NOTE: It's been a long time since I looked at these classes, so I may be speaking out of my rear. ;)

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Re: [5e] Plumaweavers and Hishnashapers

Post by Seethyr » Thu Nov 30, 2017 11:30 pm

I’ve been tearing them as a whole other type of class known as an artisan. I worked rules for this new class in the campaign guide. In 2e their magic couldn’t surpass a certain level and they had a bevy of random abilities that made them seem...unplaceable.

If you want to try a wizard that uses pluma or hishna maybe you’ll like the plumacasters or hishnacasters from the same book.
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Re: [5e] Plumaweavers and Hishnashapers

Post by Jürgen Hubert » Fri Dec 01, 2017 5:14 am

To me, there is only one answer that really makes sense: I will make them into Artificer subclasses. Yes, Artificers are (so far) only an Unearthed Arcana publications, but they fit really, really well.

While I haven't worked out the mechanical details, here are my notes so far:

Hishnashaper: Artificers derive their main "attack power" from their subclass, and for Hishnashapers summoning swarms of stinging insects or poisonous animals out of nowhere should be appropriate - their effects should be in line with the other Artificer "attack powers". They should also get some other "debuff powers" which harass or weaken enemies - possibly from long distances. They also should get a few bonus spells (I will need to re-read the spell lists before I can decide on which ones). Finally, their "mechanical servant" will look like an actual animal (preferably a predator or venomous animal) instead of being obviously mechanical.

Plumaweaver: The fact that Artificers get their attack powers from their subclass gave me conceptual trouble, since the Plumaweavers from the Maztica Boxed Set didn't really have any noticeable attack spells. But then I re-read the Boxed Set and noticed that they get a +2 to attack rolls with bows and arrows "because of [their] affinity for things feathered and of the air" - so why not build on that? Let's say they get proficiency with all bows (excepting crossbows) and they get boosts to them as they level up - the College of Swords Bard may be a good model. And speaking of which, they should also get something akin to the Bardic Inspiration feature - but instead of triggering the bonus via speeches or music, they trigger it via items they give to others, similar to how all Artificers can store spells in items. They should also get a few thematically appropriate bonus spells. Finally, their "mechanical servant" will look like some variant of bird or other feathered creature. Yes, even if it has the stats of a giant spider. Leave explaining that to the player...
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