I have some questions on City of Gold rogue kits...

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I have some questions on City of Gold rogue kits...

Post by thorr-kan » Mon Oct 15, 2018 10:45 pm

Rogue kits or subclasses?

The Character Creation appendix has the following section in the general kit overviews:
"SKILL PROGRESSION: This entry is included for rogue kits only. It determines how many discretionary points each kit allows the character. Because the Azuposi do not have locks, mechanical traps, pockets, or written language, rogues have only the following skills (equivalent to a thief’s): hear noise, hide in shadows, move silently, and climb walls. As with thieves, only half the discretionary points gained with a level can be used on any one skill."

The Rogue Kits section says:
"Two things are peculiar about Azuposi culture: First, they tend to live in very small communities, and second, they have only a rudimentary sense of the meaning of private property. This combination makes the possibility of widespread professional thievery (the mainstay of the AD&Dfi game rogue class) highly unlikely.
"But the Azuposi communities do have their roguish members: clowns (koyemshis), traders, and fetishists. These are the only types
of rogues to be found in the Azuposi society."

None of the kits specifically call out anything but rogue. They significantly change the thief's skills and points for those skills. So are they classes described as kits, like the priest kits, or are they kits that are available to an rogue (OK, base assumption would be thief or bard)?

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Re: I have some questions on City of Gold rogue kits...

Post by Boneguard » Tue Oct 16, 2018 12:24 am

That's a problem with the whole Maztica line, they present kits (for rogues and fighters) that really could work as well, if not better, as a subclass.

I'm not sure about the official answer, but I've always used them as subclass and used the Paladin/Ranger or Bard XP chart and that works pretty well.
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Re: I have some questions on City of Gold rogue kits...

Post by Jürgen Hubert » Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:14 am

Indeed. The 5e rules provide amuch better toolkit for these roles than the 2e kits did. For instance, I am representing Plumaweavers and Hishashapers as artificers, and Jaguar/Eagle Knights as paladins.

Covering the Azuposi region is currently rather low on my list of priorities, so haven't put much thought on how to represent these kits yet.
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