[Acheron] City of Zoronor

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[Acheron] City of Zoronor

Post by Havard » Sun Oct 30, 2016 8:31 am

The City of Zoronor is located on Ocanthus, the fourth layer of Acheron. It is home to the race known as Bladelings. I came across this information in 3E's Monster Manual II p 31 (Bladeling entry). Is anything else known about this city?


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Re: [Acheron] City of Zoronor

Post by ripvanwormer » Sun Oct 30, 2016 6:43 pm

Zoronor is detailed in Planes of Law.

It is called the City of Shadows.

Zoronor is enfolded and protected by the Blood Forest, a living sphere of wood that guards the city from the blades of razor-sharp ice that fly through the layer. Its outer surface is a thick layer of embedded ice-shards. Occasionally shards of ice known colloquially as dark birds manage to penetrate the walls of the Blood Forest and strike the town. Understandably, this is viewed in Zoronor as a bad omen.

Bladelings worship the Blood Forest as a lesser goddess they call Hriste, the Gray Whisper. Stories say that new bladelings are born from the gray, rubbery flesh of the Blood Forest as shards of ice slowly become charged with her divine energy and emerge as bladelings. The religion of the bladelings is druidic and involves impaling sacrifices on the ice shards that protrude from the wood of their goddess in the hope that new bladelings will be born.

The buildings within the City of Shadows are made from Hriste's wood, with black shards of ice forming their frames and tiling their roofs.

The bladelings are ruled by their priest-king and prophet, Iron Feather, who led them through years of wandering to their present home, founding the city and keeping it a secret from outsiders by sacrificing the uninvited to his dark gods (though some outsiders are permitted in the city, particularly those linked to the baatezu). He now broods on the past while his general, Nightsilver, does most of the daily work of rulership. Nightsilver controls the Blackwater Guards, the elite bladeling forces who are simultaneously secret police, city watch, and army. The high priestess of Hriste, Bloodsmoke, seeks only to gather more power for herself and to found a second city outside of Iron Feather's control. She has her own honor guard of woodsmen, the Shadowbrook Rangers, rivals of the Blackwater Guards.

The bladelings are known for the skill in the art of conjuring, and they can themselves be conjured and bound by those who know the proper spells.

Some believe the secret patron of the bladelings is the Japanese god of evil, Amatsu-Mikaboshi.

As a side note, Wolfgang Baur's writing in Planes of Law is gorgeous.

Another side note: in the Mystara cosmology, I would put Zoronor within the plane of Thorne. Here's a previous thread on bladelings.

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