Mystaran Monster Manual(s)

A Complete 3.5E conversion of all things Mystara.

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Mystaran Monster Manual(s)

Post by vgeisz » Tue May 14, 2019 7:23 pm

After a long hiatus from all things D&D, I have gotten back into the game. As I am familiar with 3.5 that is what my new group is playing. I am heavily leaning toward running Mystara with them so I have gone back to the work Roger and I had started with the conversion. As i have stated before I have lost about 5 laptops and all the info on a couple of computers I no longer have the work that I had done on the monster manuals and the conversion project. I am currently working on a new MM project for this and am downloading the 3e conversions from VoP. I am thinking of at least 3 volumes, Known World, Savage Coast, and Hollow World. I am looking for what the community thinks should go into each one, whether there is a current conversion of it, and if I can get permission to use said conversion. Any comments, criticisms etc.. are welcome.
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Re: Mystaran Monster Manual(s)

Post by Morfie » Wed May 15, 2019 7:51 am

Welcome back and good luck to you. I played a 3.5e Mystara game in 2011-12 using the VoP stuff. The creature conversions there (mostly by Jamie Baty) were the greatest help.
3.5e also tends to level up quite quickly so maybe be careful of that. Playing B1-9 In Search of Adventure had the PC's going from 4th to 8th level..
But I felt 3.5e generally lost a bit in translation so now I personally think Mystara plays best using BECMI/RC/DD rules - that will be my next campaign. 5e could be good also but doesn't yet cater to higher level play.

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