Creating Spell Scrolls

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Creating Spell Scrolls

Post by oleck » Thu Feb 07, 2019 2:16 am

My PCs wants to start creating spell scrolls. Does any one knows if i have to ue the same rules as to créate a magic ítem o is there a another way?

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Re: Creating Spell Scrolls

Post by Robin » Thu Feb 07, 2019 2:11 pm

oleck wrote:
Thu Feb 07, 2019 2:16 am
My PCs wants to start creating spell scrolls. Does any one knows if i have to ue the same rules as to créate a magic ítem o is there a another way?
In effect it is equal to creating an magical item.See Rules Encyclopedia page 250.
One actually infuses the spell i to the material for a single use. some spellscrolls have more spells written on them, so each spell used is gone from the material (or the material fall away if it is the last

I also added some extra information in ... detail.pdf
like this;
Item Creation; and yes contra dictionary to what the Rules Cyclopaedia says; magic items can be created earlier than 9th level; however, as can be seen the lower the level, the lower effect these items have, and the less continuous (most are single charge). Potions are mostly a mixture of alchemical components, sometimes charged with a spell, but this is not always the case (example Cure Light wounds potions are pure alchemical, hence they all are of variable strength and you need to roll 1d6+1 for effect), scrolls are literally cropped spells charged with the spell to be cast. One must keep in mind if the spell related to the item is unknown, the item as such can’t be created. And the lower level, the lower effect these items have, the shorter its duration. But duration to make are triple as long when 3rd to 6th level, twice as long as 7th to 9th level, and have a penalty of 15% for success. Normal Chances for item creation success ([Inx Lvl] x2)-(3xspell level) =% chance on success. Further read Rules Cyclopedia pages 250-254). Scrolls cost basically 1000gp and 1 week per level effect (either HD/Hp/etc)…a potion of healing would thus have a cost of 1000gp an needing 1 week to make as it heals 1D6+1, a potion of Strength resembles a strength spell (2nd level) needing 2000gp and 2 weeks. These numbers are increased by the 15% penalty due lack of experience and knowledge. Any failure increases even that.

see also cryptomancers page 229-233
and spell research on pages 537-539

There are also several spell examples with formulae to create ink for a specific spell...These are clearly visible as being depicted in a scroll in the book.

And keep in mind the DM rolles the chances for succes in secret, this way he/she controll if a spell is allowed to the PC at that moment or at all. However, if the NPC's wield that magic, so should the PC's basically being able too.
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Re: Creating Spell Scrolls

Post by Danharms » Tue Feb 12, 2019 11:52 pm

The Holmes set allows for the creation of scrolls, for 100 gp/level and 1 week/level. It does change up the power of low-level magic-users, of course.

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