[Midkemia] The Riftwar Saga TV Series

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[Midkemia] The Riftwar Saga TV Series

Post by Falconer » Fri Sep 21, 2018 5:17 pm

BCDF Pictures Acquires Fantasy Book Series ‘The Riftwar Saga’ For TV Adaptation

Thought this might interest anyone who had read these books from the 80s by Raymond E. Feist (Magician: Apprentice et al.), based on a 70s D&D/Tékumel crossover campaign from U.C. San Diego. Ray posted on his mailing list:
Thanks for the enthusiasm (not to mention the support over the years), folks.

It’s premature to speculate on which network/streaming service might be interested. Some have other projects in the pipe already, have budget issues, just don’t want another fantasy item (or want one), etc.

One of the reasons I’m with BCDF is the people I met are smart and I’ll leave making the deals in their capable hands. I spent five years (quietly, which is why no one heard about it) as a partner with a producer who had a good concept for our relationship, but I found out after we parted no one wanted to work with the guy for reasons having nothing to do with my property. Live and learn.

Anyway, this is the first step. Let’s see where it goes.

Best, R.E.F.
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