[FATE] Ehdrigohr

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[FATE] Ehdrigohr

Post by Kythkyn » Wed Dec 05, 2018 10:50 pm

In Ehdrigohr, tribal people in a broken world strive to unify while struggling against the horrors that wait for the night to fall.

Ehdrigohr is a Fate Core based tabletop role-playing game. It is inspired from the mythology and lore of tribal peoples from across the world but has a particular foundation inspired from Lakotah stories and folklore.

In Ehdrigohr you play a character struggling to survive in a recovering world. It is a fantasy game of high heroics, powerful magic, and survival horror. Every night at sunset, overwhelming darkness threatens the people's safety. The nine tribes must survive the terrible things that walk the land from sundown to sunrise. Magic is everywhere; with it, the people can bend reality to their will, or break it and unleash terrible things from the emptiness called the Twain.

There are multitudes of paths to greatness.

• A warrior, imbued with mystic martial arts who fights on The Line?

• A storyteller who keeps the peoples' spirits up and empowers their hearts to fight another day.

• A wandering peacekeeper that ferrets out the infiltrators and hatemongers who work to break the nations.

• A reality weaving Way-walker who travels the wild places seeking the breaches where the creatures trapped in the Twain have broken through the pale into the world.

Ehdrigohr takes inspiration from the myths and folklore of tribal and indigenous cultures around the world, with particular inspiration from the Lakota people. In this human-centric world, each of Ehdrigohr's cultures has its own magical flavor -- not "primitive," but interesting and unique paths to survival against the night's ravenous hordes. There is high adventure, political intrigue, social play, secret societies, monster bashing, monster fleeing, and more.
So! Does anyone have experience with this game? The premise sounds really cool, and though I am not a huge fan of Fate, I do own the Core and am willing to use the system
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