[Savage Worlds] Gaslight

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[Savage Worlds] Gaslight

Post by Havard »

Anyone check out this Victorian Era Fantasy Setting?

Found a review here: http://gamingronin.blogspot.no/2014/01/ ... orlds.html


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Re: [Savage Worlds] Gaslight

Post by Darkanth »

I've had the PDF for quite some time, but never really looked at it properly tbh. I also have the d20 modern version of Gaslight, which is alright as well. I think it depends on the group/GM as too how well they like/dislike this particular Setting. Me personally, I would love someone to sit down and do a Savage Worlds version of OGL Steampunk :ugeek:
I had a go at Races from that a while ago, but, as all my projects seem to do, it's on the backburner for the forseeable future :roll:

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Re: [Savage Worlds] Gaslight

Post by BPIJonathan »

Havard wrote:Anyone check out this Victorian Era Fantasy Setting?

Its one of my favorites, but then again I am a tad biased. :D
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