[Parsantium] Feyshore Forest map

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[Parsantium] Feyshore Forest map

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RichGreen has been using an alpha version of some software called Fantastic Maps* to create a close up map of Feyshore Forest:
Richard Green at the Parsantium blog wrote:Feyshore Forest map

I’ve been having fun this evening playing with the Alpha version of Jonathan Roberts of Fantastic Maps‘ new hex mapping software. Here’s my map of the Feyshore Forest – compare with my original hand drawn map here. It’s really easy to use and I’m really pleased with the results :)
* = I've not heard of this Fantastic Maps hex mapping software before. I might start a thread for it.

You can get an idea of how close Feyshore Forest is to the city of Parsantium, by looking at the around Parsantium sketch map.
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