[Dawnforge] Races of Dawnforge

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[Dawnforge] Races of Dawnforge

Post by Havard »

With the recent discussion of the Dawnforge Setting. Does anyone have a list handy of all the player races available in the Dawnforge sourcebooks?


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Re: [Dawnforge] Races of Dawnforge

Post by akahdrin »

I can't go into detail about the changes made due to copyright stuff, but I will list the races and tell you that none of them have a level adjustment.

Doppleganger, Dwarf, Dawn Elf, Forest Wights, Ghost Elves, Gnome, Halfling, Human (Highlander), Human (Lowlander), Human (Saltblood), Human (Trueborn), Lizardfolk, Moon Elves, Minotaur, Night Elves, Ogre, Orc, Woood Elves, and Yuan-Ti Thinblood.

All of them have been rebalanced and given new flavor. Some of them have even been changed to the core as an example. Gnomes are not related to dwarves anymore, they are related to fey instead and it makes more sense! Also the human's don't just give a bonus feat and some skill points anymore, they are actually a race that gives stats and has it's own traits.

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Re: [Dawnforge] Races of Dawnforge

Post by Big Mac »

Forest Wights?

Wights are undead, aren't they?

Are these playable undead?
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