Lankhmar Unleashed

Newhon's City of Sevenscore Thousand Smokes, based on the Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser stories by Fritz Leiber.
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Lankhmar Unleashed

Post by Big Mac »

Over in the Lankhmar coming for DCC Classics topic, rabindranath72 posted a reply saying some good stuff about Lankhmar Unleashed:
rabindranath72 wrote:
Havard wrote:Yeah I am pretty sure the DCC Classics products will be for the DCC Classic RPG, even though Goodman Games have been making modules for other editions under the Dungeon Crawl Classics brand for years of course.

There was some discussion on suggesting that the designers are considering making changes to the rules to better accomodate the Lankhmar setting. Not sure what that will mean specifically.

Magic needs an overhaul. There don't seem to be any spell-granting clerics, and sorcery seems a long, tedious and ritual-based process. Possibly all characters should be able to learn sorcery, and/or if they want to have a "sorcerer" class, some sort of multiclassing must be allowed (see e.g. the Mouser.)
The best treatment of Lankhmar sorcery I have seen to date is in the RuneQuest supplement Lankhmar Unleashed.
Does anyone here have Lankhmar Unleashed? How does it compare to the D&D products for Lankhmar?

Aside from the sorcery rules, what are the rest of the rules like? Are they a good fit for the campaign setting?

Could the sorcery rules be adapted to the D&D versions of Lankhmar, or would they only work with RuneQuest? (And how easy is it to convert D&D stuff for Lankhmar to RuneQuest rules?)

Is there much RuneQuest support for Lankhmar?
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Re: Lankhmar Unleashed

Post by Havard »

I will answer the last part of your question. Hopefully others can answer the rest:
Big Mac wrote:Is there much RuneQuest support for Lankhmar?
The following books were produced for the Mongoose RuneQuest Lankhmar line:
Sadly, all Lankhmar related material appears to have been removed from the Mongoose website.


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Re: Lankhmar Unleashed

Post by rabindranath72 »

It's a very good book...except they botched the character creation section by using a version of RuneQuest II which was still in the works. Usual Mongoose crap :evil:
This said, sorcery is very well done, and reflects quite accurately what we actually see in the tales. It's also very tied to the RuneQuest spellcasting system, which is power-points and skill-based. Thematic manipulations can probably be ported, at least conceptually, to other games. For example, Familiarity with the target of the spell, feelings of Hate, and use of Agony (self-inflicted wounds) all increase the chance of successfully casting the spell.
The system doesn't fully adhere to the RuneQuest II system, again due editing problems, but it's easy to make it full conformant.

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