[d20 System][Barsoom] Anyone play with Sundered Reaches?

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[d20 System][Barsoom] Anyone play with Sundered Reaches?

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I picked up this fantasy campaign setting, by Fast Forward Entertainment (who also made Green Races, among other things) dirt-cheap (it was too cheap to resist) but have not really done much with it yet. But does anyone else out there own this?

It's obviously similar to the John Carter/Barsoom/Mars products out there (and if we ever get a Barsoom/Mars forum, I'm guessing this topic would belong in there. But I've not figured out what to do with this yet. (I mostly bought it to see if it could be Spelljammerised.)

Has anyone run a Sundered Reaches game?

Does anyone know of any other material that was created for Sundered Reaches?

How well does John Carter/Barsoom material fit in with Sundered Reaches? (Is Sundered Reaches a John Carter clone, or does it do different things with the fantasy Mars concept?)
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