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[Aerth] [Mythus] World of Phæree

Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 2:10 pm
by Havard
In this thread about Dangerous Journeys, Mythusmage wrote an interesting comment:
mythusmage wrote:Then you have all the gnomes. I figure 5 million of them (Gary never did say), they are descended from refugees from the world of Phaeree, and about Phaeree there is tons to say.
Anyone know more about the Gnome homeworld? Is it something like the Feywild /Faerie Realm of other settings? Why were the Gnomes forced to flee from that realm to Aerth?


Re: [Aerth] [Mythus] World of Phæree

Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:35 pm
by Big Mac
I found a fansite called Phæree Bestiary. It's by someone called msphil (Mike Phillips).

I'm not sure if he is still active, but his website has a squiggl "~" in the URL. That's often a sign of a personal website hosted on a commercial URL.

Re: [Aerth] [Mythus] World of Phæree

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 12:03 am
by Tim Baker
Big Mac wrote:I found a fansite called Phæree Bestiary. It's by someone called msphil (Mike Phillips).
Good find. Here's the list of monsters, for anyone who doesn't want to click around the site. It appears to be a Feywild/Faerie Realm type of setting, although it has a few monsters that aren't fae in D&D (e.g., orcs, drow, hobgoblins).
  • Adshee
  • Banshee
  • Centaur
  • Cluracan
  • Drow
  • Fay
  • Fir Darrig
  • Giant, Aerth
  • Giant, Ettin
  • Giant, Stone
  • Goblin
  • Leprechaun
  • Orc
  • Slaugh
  • Yeth

Re: [Aerth] [Mythus] World of Phæree

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 2:05 am
by ripvanwormer
To explain Phæree, I have to explain Ærth.

Ærth has three parts: Exterior Ærth, Subterranean Ærth (the Underdark, essentially), and Interior Ærth (the interior surface of the hollow world, similar to Burroughs' Pellucidar or Mystara's Hollow World).

Exterior Ærth is an alternate version of Earth. There are some extra landmasses that Earth doesn't have as well as some extra seas. Magic developed instead of technology but it's still an alternate Earth with similar animals and races. Subterranean Ærth has a much more alien ecology, since it's not based on sunlight, but it's essentially a subterranean ecosystem we could imagine existing on our own world. Interior Ærth is full of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals. It has no continents as such, but instead it has oceans that are shaped like the continents of Exterior Ærth, while the land is shaped like Exterior Ærth's oceans.

Phæree is the Counter-Ærth. It looks like Ærth, but the continents are a mirror-image of Ærth's. That means that the Phæree equivalent of Æropa (Ærth's version of Europe) looks like a backwards Azir (Ærth's version of Asia). The Phæree equivalent of Azir looks like a backwards Æropa. Every part of Phæree has an equivalent on Ærth, so there's a Surface Phæree, a Subterranean Phæree, and an Interior Phæree.

While Ærth is an alt-history Earth, but with magic and slightly different continents, Phæree is full-on fantasy. It's the home of every fantastical race of myth and legend, from elves to unicorns to djinn to oni to dragons and everything in between (although, note that the angels, demons, and gods have their own planes of existence). These creatures can sometimes be found on Ærth due to the gates that connect the two worlds, but they're native to Phæree.

Phæree is also much more chaotic than Ærth. Ærth's continents are fixed, but Phæree's are morphic and ever-changing. What is land one day might be sea the next. A vast metropolis might be a bucolic village the next day. The destinations of gates and portals might shift, and time itself might move faster, slower, or backwards. Phæree is roughly a mirror-image of Ærth, but this will never be exact.

The reason the website that Big Mac found is organized the way it is is that Phæree's inhabitants are divided into three categories: faeries, hobgoblins, and goblins. Faeries are the inhabitants of Exterior Phæree, and they include those mythical races generally considered to be benign or seelie. They might be capricious or dangerous, but generally speaking they're the good guys. Goblins are the inhabitants of Interior Phæree and they tend to be malevolent or unseelie, although like everything on Phæree they're chaotic and subject to change. Hobgoblins are the inhabitants of Subterranean Phæree (although they may wander between the interior and exterior) and they're somewhere in between goblins and faeries in nature.

There are many, many more creatures in Phæree than are mentioned on that website. Here's a list:

Faeries: alfen, alfar, aizi, asrai, azizzi, bajang, baku, barbegazi, biersals, brownies, bucca, caitshee, coatl, cushee, djinni, dobies, dragon buffalo, dragon carp, dragons (air, earth, water), dryades, dwarfs, elephant fish, effriti, elfin animals, elves, faerie animals, faeries, fantines, fays, ferrishyns, fong onhang, foo, fridian, gahes, gardsvoren, giants (earth, preternatural, wandjims), gnomes, greenfolk, grifunicorn, grigs, hippocampi, hsien, ki-lin, lamassu, leprechauns, nagumwasuk, naides, necks, nisse, nymphs, oreades, pech, pegasi, peris, phoenixes, phoukas, pixies, poppykettles, portunes, seahorses, sea lions, selkies, sheddu, shee, silkies, sirines, sphinxes, spriggans, sprites, swanfolk, sylphs, thunderbirds, tritons, unicorns, woodwoses.

Hobgoblins: achachilas, adhshees, ah at-trabs, amazons, apukus, atomies, aukis, banshees, bendithy mamau, bilwis, boggarts, bogies, boreandrills, bucentaurs, buchauns, ccoa cats, centaurs, chanques, cluracan, cobylnaus, cornoleons, dab-ihas, dactyles, derricks, djanni, dogai, dracofalcons, dragons (cold, fire, shadow), dragon elephants, dragonnes, dragon stags, dragon tigers, dragon turtles, dragon tortoises, egberes, fir darrig, giants (chenoo, firbolg, sea, stone), gigantes, griffins, grifforyxes, grims, grogach, grotesques, gwyllions, hippogriffs, hobgoblins, hu hsien, jotens, kakamoras, kelpies, killmoulises, kobolds, k'uel niu, lannanshees, leocentaurs, leoserpis, lesheys, lunatishees, maridi, merfolk, merrows, nagas (jungle, storm, water), nats, ningyo, ohdows, oliphants, onagers, opinici, pookas, poultergeists, rukhs, satyrs, scorpeoleons, scorpiontaurs, seawolves, sphinxes, shees, tengu, tiger horses, trow, tygers, uldras, undines, vermes, vetalas, weretherion, yale, yeches, yeti, zashiki warishi.

Goblins: abiku, acheri, adlets, afancs, afriti, ahuizotls, aigamuxas, airis, akathaso, als, amphisbaenas, annis, athach, bakemonos, bakrus, baykoks, barguests, basilisks, behemoths, behir, bisclavets, bodachs, boobries, boraros, brags, brollachans, bugbears, bugganes, bullbeggars, busos, caerbs, catoblepases, cerberi, ceropes, chimera, ciupipiltin, cockatrices, crottas, cyclopses, dharmapalas, deephags, deevs, dongus, drakes, drakespiders, drow, drujes, duergar, dunnies, ettercaps, ettins, formorians, fuathans, gargoyles, gaunts, ghilan, giants (acromegalians, ettins, formorians, hill jotens, mutians), glastigs, gnoles, goblins, gorgons, gorgoxen, gorska makvas, hags, hamtu-penyardin, hanon-tramp, harpies, hydrae, hydralizards, ifriti, jadian, kappas, kashas, kilyakai, krakens, kuei, lamiae, leucrottas, leviathan, losels, makaras, mandragora, manticores, margools, mimis, montegres, nagas, nagas (fire, mountain, subterranean), nhang, nightmares, night ravens, nocnitsas, ogres, ogrillons, onis, orcs, paigoels, panthuraei, perytons, pisachas, rocoserpises, sasabonsams, sea monsters, serpises, scorpythons, sluagh, sphinxes, stymphalians, supays, theriocephali, trolls, vampires, vodyaniyi, wendigoes, weretherion, will o' the wisps, willowfolk, wyrms, wyverns, yahwe zogbanus, yakhus, yeth, yowies.

Re: [Aerth] [Mythus] World of Phæree

Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 2:54 am
by mythusmage
Wasn't paying attention, so this is late.

Now I'm not Gary so I can't know what he was thinking. I do remember what he once told me, which was, "It's your game." So let me put it this way, "It's your world."

How you want to handle gnomes in your version of Aerth is your business. For my Aerth I've made a few decisions, mostly having to do with Phaeree being a bossy bitch, and the gnomes being too damn independent for her good. This tells you a lot about gnomes, and a lot about Phaeree.

Again, how you handle things is your business, and all any published source can do is present suggestions. I don't see the guidelines as being anything official, just hints and suggestions you can take wherever you want.

BTW, I do have an SRD of DJ underway, which I will use as the basis for the Dangerous Journeys role playing system. How you handle the matter is up to you.