[Earth] [Papers & Paychecks] Workplace sitcom RPG

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[Earth] [Papers & Paychecks] Workplace sitcom RPG

Post by Coronoides » Wed Nov 29, 2017 6:35 am

I’m super excited about a book my friend has just released after his first kickstarter!
A long running joke from the AD&D 1e DMG is “Papers & Paychecks” where you play workers and students in a industrialised technological society. Inspired by the classic cartoon by “Papers and Paychecks” is now a brand new real game. Ever had one of those days where you alarm clock is set for PM not AM so you sleep in then the traffic is so bad you miss your early meeting entirely. Your boss is an arsehole about it and wants a report by close of business. Your computer keeps crashing so you keeping having to write the same sentence over and over. Finally when the printer jams on your tie you lose it and start re-enacting the film ‘Falling Down’.
Well that’s P&P a reality where things are against us. A game where you can play scenarios inspired by work place sitcoms like ‘the IT crowd’, ‘Black Books’, ‘Office Space’, ‘Are you being served?’ And ‘Open all Hours’.
Proceeds from sale fund the RPG Review Cooperative of gamers in Australia.
http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/227 ... -Paychecks
Or a physical book can be had soon. They have been printed.
EDIT: Email: info@rpgreview.net for pricing, shipping, and bulk orders. All proceeds will go to the Cooperative.

From the cover...
The Roleplaying Game of an Industrialized and Technological Society in which you play the part of workers and students gloriously trying to succeed against a world of antagonists, and an antagonistic world.

Inspired by the classic cartoon by Will McLean in the first edition of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Masters Guide (TM), where things - the worst 'monsters' of all - are against us.

Character advancement across six professions, with linked characteristics, is measured by successfully completing projects which provides extra wages and perks. Core mechanic is a familiar characteristic+skill vs target number with a player-based Luck attribute providing intervention.

Foreword by Tim Kask, scenario by Dan L'Estrange, and a example of play by David Cameron Staples
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