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[Green Races] The Complete Monstrous Wizard's Compendium

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:36 pm
by Big Mac
Does anyone have The Complete Monstrous Wizard's Compendium:
The Monstrous Wizard's Compendium on Amazon wrote:The Complete Monstrous Wizards Compendium: Detailed Rules for Monstrous Wizard PCs and Npcs! (Green Races D20 World) Paperback – August, 2003
by Jessica Barringer (Editor), Christoffer Trossen (Editor)

Not Just the Greens...

There's much, much more to the monstrous races than just hacking and slashing. They're more like you than most are willing to admit. Now it's your chance to walk a mile in their shoes. We've given you the rules to do the same thing with the Green Races already... here's six more monstrous races - the centaur, janni, minotaur, rakshasa, satyr and troglodyte - each uniquely different from the more common Green Races. You may think you know these creatures, but do you have the guts to play for the other team?

...More than Just another Wizard with a Staff.

Wizards and sorcerers are the backbone of almost every adventuring party. They may be physically weak, but their arcane abilities more than make up for that fact. Yet, even the most powerful wizard is predictable, and thus is at a disadvantage. That changes now. Five new core spellcasting classes and twelve prestige classes give you more variety than you've ever had before, more choices you can make with your characters to make them as versatile or specialized as you want. No matter what, you won't have just another wizard anymore!

Now You Can Build the Biggest and Baddest!

There's only so much you can do with the core races and classes. Well, now you've got more choices than ever before. You don't have to become an undead lord or sell your soul to become the king of the hill anymore. Whether you're looking to start out with a new character with more options open to you or whether you're a GM that wants to build an opponent that will prove a challenge to a group of know-it-alls, this book has what you need!

The Complete Monstrous Wizard's Compendium is a d20 System sourcebook designed for players and game masters who want to take their "typical" fantasy campaigns to the next level. This book gives you the information you need to create and play characters from six different monstrous races, but more importantly, it also gives you the tools you need to create powerful spellcasters - of any race.
I am interested in the Green Races campaign setting. This makes it look like they are suggesting that the monstrous races in the setting are not really able to become spellcasters and that other races from outside of that area come in to cast spells.

Does anyone know how much information about Elara (the Green Races world) is in the book?

Are there any maps?

Are any of the classes/sublasses tied into an in-character organisation?

Is anything else useful in there

Is there anything else there about the setting?

How useful would this book be for a campaign not set in the Green Races setting? (I've been wondering about using Green Races stuff for Unhumans in the Spelljammer campaign setting, but would also be interested if anyone thought it would work well with other settings.)