Game Traditions of Thunder Rift - A contest proposal

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Game Traditions of Thunder Rift - A contest proposal

Post by Monkey » Wed Aug 28, 2013 11:22 pm

Some Eccentric Game Traditions of Thunder Rift

I recently discovered some really interesting old British game-traditions. I think folks here might find them kind of inspiring.

Here's my idea for a community project:
Read down through the links below, and let's see if we can invent some colourful, eccentric, humorous, possible dangerous and destructive (and maybe apparently ridiculous to foreigners) local games and traditions that players may be able to get XP from (such as the jousting in Sword and Shield) for each of the towns in Thunder Rift. At some agreed date, we can start a poll for most voted-for (best?) game. The winner gets nothing except bragging rights.

Some Background
Common Games
Courtly and Feast Games
Children's Games
A Really Great Article From a British Magazine and It's Related Podcast --------------------------------------------
Ball Games
Rougher Games
Football (Soccer) Games -------------------------------------------
The Really Interesting (my favourite) Games -------------------------------------------

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Re: Game Traditions of Thunder Rift - A contest proposal

Post by Havard » Thu Aug 29, 2013 4:26 pm

Cool idea!

I will see if I can think up some :)


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