Q&A with Colin McComb

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Big Mac
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Re: Q&A with Colin McComb

Post by Big Mac »

Hey Colin, what is the story with you apologising for PHBR8 The Complete Book of Elves?

I thought that book was awesome. Maybe it isn't perfect, but most D&D books have got one or two flaws.

I'm baffled as to why you would need to apologise for the book.

Is it a joke that I don't understand? :?
David "Big Mac" Shepheard
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Re: Q&A with Colin McComb

Post by Havard »

Love the video :)

We had some fun with Bladesingers, but they were quickly banned from our games.... ;)


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Dave L
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Re: Q&A with Colin McComb

Post by Dave L »

Well, there's a Bladesinger in Paul Westermeyer's Jammers campaign, so it will be interesting to see how Sean plays him.

I liked The Complete Book of Elves. :)

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Re: Q&A with Colin McComb

Post by agathokles »

Big Mac wrote: Is it a joke that I don't understand? :?
I think so :P

Anyway, there's this almost-trend on Kickstarter to offer as part of the stretch goals (bonuses for reaching a higher funding than the minimum, which are used to keep people providing funds when the minimum goal has been reached) some humorous contribution from a designer -- e.g., for Project Eternity a stretch goal would require Chris Avellone to record a playthrough of the Arcanum game (as a way of apologising for not having played it before).

As you might have noticed from the video, the "apology" is well, not much of an apology ;)


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