Knight of Newts -- Helpless prisoners

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Knight of Newts -- Helpless prisoners

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Spoilers for players of the module:

The Lizard Men, well, at least one is a Lizard Woman, are very oddly placed in the Knight of Newts module.
They are unbound, unthreatened, and in an unlocked room full of weapons a few feet from the front door, yet need the PC's help to "escape". I guess they are there to add muscle to a small party, but it's another oddity in this adventure.
In my running of this I took it literally, and they accepted that help to walk 10 feet to the door and say a fond farewell.

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Re: Knight of Newts -- Helpless prisoners

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*Raise Dead Topic*
IF a PC casts a "know language" spell (no version exists in BECMI/RC) then they hear " Shush, the newt is coming, put your weapon aside." That doesn't sound like helpless prisoners to me. Sounds more like 2 groups meeting to forge an alliance; but, a quick thinking Lizardman Shaman tried to trick the PC's. (Obviously, she doesn't have a very high opinion of the parties Intelligence, though.)

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