Locations and further information on new towns

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Locations and further information on new towns

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Fanatasy News Network - Adventurers Journals list 2 new towns/villages for Thunder Rift:
Volume #2, Issue #4. (Feb 9, 19994)
Rillford: tiny farming village
also mentions "the mysterious Dark Forest"

Volume #2, Issue #7 (Jun 1, 1994)
Utica: w/ perhaps 40 to 50 total residents, is a rough town, having attracted what would often be termed the "unpleasant elements".

Honorable mentions:
Michael: little boy
Drake: immature faerie dragon & Michael's playmate
Sir Reynold: minor landed knight whose keep guards mines to the north of Melinir.
Sir Reynold's son: kidnapped for ransom

Volume #2, Issue #8 (Aug 1, 1994)
The Black Swamp (E. Drake River)
"a strange old man, singing in his bathtub, accompanied by some strange mushrooms."

I recognize Sir Reynold's appearance from an adventure in Dungeon Magazine #42: Ransom; but, the question is: where to place them in the Rift? Rillford is from Dungeon Magazine #42: Legacy of the Liosalfar (a converted AD&D adenture).

The adventure Ransom was written to be set "on the northern border near Threshold" in Karameikos. The town of Utica is also mentioned in this adventure as being "10 miles north of the Duchy's border."

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