[13th Age] Where Would Thunder Rift fit in the Dragon Empire?

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[13th Age] Where Would Thunder Rift fit in the Dragon Empire?

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During The Piazza's 10th Birthday Chat on Discord, there were some topics that the community thought would be worthy of additional discussion on longer-lived forum threads. This is one such thread.

The question was, "where would Thunder Rift fit in 13th Age's default setting, the Dragon Empire?" You can find a map of the Dragon Empire here: https://heavymetalgm.files.wordpress.co ... 618&crop=1

The possible answers were:
  1. Nestled in the Giantwalk.
  2. In the Owl Barrens, between the Red Wastes and the Wild Wood. As an interesting side-note, perhaps Scorch is synonymous with The Red, the iconic red dragon from 13th Age.
  3. In the Frost Range, near Cairnwood.
Are there other possible locations? If you have some familiarity with the Dragon Empire, where might the entrances to Thunder Rift best align to other points on the map?

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