[Starfinder] Wesley Snipes and Sean Astin working Setting

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[Starfinder] Wesley Snipes and Sean Astin working Setting

Postby Havard » Mon Dec 18, 2017 11:36 pm

Wesley Snipes and Lord of the Rings’ Sean Astin are working on a Starfinder RPG setting

Hollywood actors Wesley Snipes and Sean Astin – yes, that’s Blade and The Lord of the Rings’ Samwise Gamgee – are helping write a new setting for sci-fi RPG Starfinder.

Grimmerspace is an upcoming sci-fi horror book designed to be used with the Pathfinder sequel’s ruleset, and due to launch on Kickstarter early next February.

The setting takes place in a universe known as the Gliding Rim, which is also referred to as the G-Rim. Narrative tension comes from the arrival of powerful mages into the galaxy previously devoid of magic, resulting in a conflict of technology and magic.

The Grimmerspace book will consist of around a dozen adventures, with a greater focus on detailing the alternate environment and its inhabitants than drastically altering Starfinder’s core rules for planet-based adventure or spaceship dogfighting. However, there will be new character races and playable monsters included in the set.

Snipes and Astin will apparently be serving as creative directors on the project, overseeing the general content and direction of the book. They’ll also be directly writing some parts of the upcoming setting, including adventure content and ‘possibly’ new character concepts, according to publisher Iron GM Games.

Although best known for his acting career, Snipes is no stranger to writing, having previously authored a fantasy novel called Talon of God, which was released earlier this year.

Astin, meanwhile, co-wrote a memoir partially about his time working on the Lord of the Rings trilogy called There and Back Again.

They’ll be working with a number of other writers and artists on Grimmerspace, including Starfinder co-creators Jason Bulmahn and Erik Mona, plus veteran Dungeons & Dragons artist Larry Elmore.

https://www.tabletopgaming.co.uk/board- ... rking-on-a

W000t? :)


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Re: [Starfinder] Wesley Snipes and Sean Astin working Settin

Postby Cthulhudrew » Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:29 am

That is a pairing I'd never have imagined.

Sounds interesting. I didn't realize Snipes had written a novel (much less a sci-fi novel!). I may need to check out reviews on that.
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Re: [Starfinder] Wesley Snipes and Sean Astin working Settin

Postby Big Mac » Tue Dec 19, 2017 2:18 pm

Grimmerspace sounds like a Spelljammer crystal sphere based on the North of England. :-P
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Re: [Starfinder] Wesley Snipes and Sean Astin working Settin

Postby Angel Tarragon » Thu Dec 21, 2017 7:47 pm

Sign me up! :cool:
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