[Podcast] The Rolistes 26 Part 1 - Dragonmeet 2017

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[Podcast] The Rolistes 26 Part 1 - Dragonmeet 2017

Post by RolistesPod » Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:39 pm


https://rolistespod.com/2018/01/22/epis ... dcastzone/

The Rolistes Podcast is back at Dragonmeet and its #PodcastZone!

New tabletop RPG fans and familiar voices joined the cast of this first part of our episode 26.

- Stuart, a friendly Roliste who visited Dragonmeet in order to say nice things to some of his favourite podcasts;

- Thirsty from Bloodthirsty Puppets and AJ from Sword Coast Soundscapes;

- James Wallis celebrating the release of Alas Vegas, Ian Sturrock from Serpent King Games and Minka;

- Federica from The Role Play Haven giving us news about the opening of their new branch in Archway;

- Kat Tulip from The Pocket Mimic Podcast and her elusive sister.

Stay tuned from Episode 26 Part Two in a couple weeks for more interviews.

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