[The Strange] Myth of the Maker now an audio novel

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[The Strange] Myth of the Maker now an audio novel

Post by Big Mac » Mon Feb 26, 2018 10:11 am

Bruce R Cordell's novel, Myth of the Maker, which is set in the universe of The Strange, got converted into an audiobook on the 22nd of February:
Amazon wrote:Myth of the Maker Paperback – 1 Apr 2017
by Bruce Cordell (Author)


Carter Morrison didn't want to kill his friends, or himself, but he had a good reason. It was them, or the end of all life on the planet. Their sacrifice saved the world. Not that anyone knew it. Until Katherine Manners stumbled over a melting man in a computer room clutching a message of doom from another world. Follow Carter Morrison, Catherine Manners, Elandine the Queen of Hazurrium, and Jason Cole - also known as the Betrayer - as they try to understand, survive, save, and in Jason's case, break free of the fictional worlds that insulate Earth from the dangers of the Strange, where world-eating monstrosities called planetovores lurk. File Under: Science Fantasy"
It looks like this novel explains the universe the RPG uses. Bruce has posted a few blog articles that give a bit more detail about the novel: There is also a Myth of the Maker page over at Monte Cook Games.

If you want a "free sample" of the book, there is a 16 minute video up on YouTube: Bruce R. Cordell Reading from Myth of the Maker:

Bruce himself, is reading the story there, but I think someone else read the audio novel.

I don't know The Strange, but I've been reading D&D novels to help me get to learn things about the various D&D worlds.

With this story being about how The Strange was discovered, I wonder if anyone who plays The Strange thinks it would be worth buying the audio book to listen to before or after game sessions.
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Re: [The Strange] Myth of the Maker now an audio novel

Post by Angel Tarragon » Mon Feb 26, 2018 10:52 am

Sounds interesting, I'll have to check it out!

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