The Witcher Tabletop RPG coming from R. Talsorian Games

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The Witcher Tabletop RPG coming from R. Talsorian Games

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Witcher Tabletop Game Price Revealed, Developer Announces Q&A

Tabletop developer and publisher R Talsorian Games announced today that they'll be holding a community Q&A session about their upcoming product The Witcher Tabletop Role-Playing Game, which releases the following week at Gen Con. Cody Pondsmith, Lead Developer on The Witcher TRPG, will be answering community questions on the #randomworlds IRC channel, hosted by tabletop writer Dan Davenport. The Q&A session will take place on Monday, July 25th at 7:30pm Central (8:30ET, 5:30PT), with transcripts available afterwards.
Cover art for The Witcher: The Role-Playing Game
Cover art for The Witcher: The Role-Playing Game

They also released the cover art for the book (above), and some additional art which is taken from the Gwent digital card game that began early access in 2016 (all of the art in TW:TRPG has been sourced directly from CD Projekt Red).

Physical copies of The Witcher: The Role Playing Game will retail for $50.00USD, and the first editions will be available for purchase at Gen Con 2018, followed by digital releases and a second printing in the months following.
Fans of the Witcher franchise here? Are you going to check out the Q&A?


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