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[Kickstarter] Chivalry & Sorcery

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 1:39 pm
by Havard
The Flowering of Chivalry and Sorcery!
For those who fight, and those who pray. For those who toil - and those who enchant...

Chivalry & Sorcery, the legendary game of medieval fantasy roleplaying, is back! Standing on the shoulders of giants, with refined mechanics and a deep, rich atmosphere, this brand-new edition is bigger and better than ever before, and for the first time ever is brought to you as a full colour hardback book!

Please join us as we raise funds to complete the layout and fund the printing of this hefty tome, an estimated 500 pages of glorious colour - the Chivalry & Sorcery Roleplaying Game!

The text of the Chivalry & Sorcery core book is already complete, and layout is underway, and we're confident of fulfilling the Kickstarter objective of publishing the game by February 2020. ... aying-game?

Interesting to see this classic RPG return. :)