Dyvil: First Edition (Jeff Grubb's 30-Minute RPG)

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Dyvil: First Edition (Jeff Grubb's 30-Minute RPG)

Post by dulsi »

Dyvil: First Edition (Jeff Grubb's 30-Minute Roleplaying Game)

This was on the front page on the list of new products when I went to drivethrurpg. I know nothing more about it. As a fan of Spelljammer, Jeff Grubb's name caught my attention.
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Re: Dyvil: First Edition (Jeff Grubb's 30-Minute RPG)

Post by Big Mac »

I found that independently, after someone mentioned Steve Miller on the Spelljammer group on Facebook. What I found interesting what this claim by Steve Miller:
DriveThruRPG wrote:Once upon a time, NUELOW Games' Steve Miller made the statement, "Any talented game designer with an understanding of what makes an RPG work can write a fully playable, stand-alone roleplaying game in under an hour."
Reading further down, Jeff Grubb seems to have claimed to have made both system and a setting in 30 minutes:
DriveThruRPG wrote:At the end of the experiment emerged Dyvil: First Edition (Jeff Grubb's 30-Minute Roleplaying Game), proof positive that Miller isn't completely insane, and an illustration of the difference between a "Gaming Legend" and a "Former TSR Visionary": Not only is Jeff Grubb's 30-Minute Roleplaying Game funnier and more innovative than Steve Miller's 30-Minute Roleplaying Game, it's comes complete with a setting! (All Miller produced was a generic rules set... it took the skill of a Gaming Legend to produce a setting along with the rules in the time allotted!)
This blurb seems to come from NUELOW Games, which I think belongs to Steve Miller, but basically, we have something that Jeff Grubb knocked out in 30 minutes. I'm not sure how much is rules and how much is setting, but the sample has this:
Dyvil: First Edition wrote:What’s Going On
The war between good and evil is over. Good won and Heaven rules on Earth. Evil has been smashed, Hell has been rent asunder, and Lucifer himself crystallized and shattered into a million tiny shards. That’s the good news.
The bad news is that you’re one of the survivors of Hell, a Dyvil who has escaped from your crumbling regime to the mortal world. Your task is to survive, rebuild, and rebel before Good destroys all.
There seems to only be three stats in the system and there are three subraces of Dyvil that have an advantage in each stat:
Dyvil: First Edition wrote:You can be one of three breeds of Dyvils. (Your Nature.)
  • Brute (raise your Physical by +1)
    Brain (raise your Mental by +1)
    Beauty (raise your Spiritual by +1)
There seems to be three character classes (or the equivalent of):
Dyvil: First Edition wrote:You can have one of three positions in Hell. (Your Nurture.)
  • Tormentor (raise your Physical by +1)
    Trickster (raise your Mental by +1)
    Tempter (raise your Spiritual by +1)
I'm not sure how well this setting could be tied in to other settings created by Jeff Grubb.

Perhaps there could be a world where the lower planes are "destroyed" (or in Planescape terms broken away from that Material Plane) and the players could have PCs that are devils. :?

Bearded Devils (Barbazu) and Chain Devils (Kyton) have a LA penalty of +6 and Erinyes have an LA penalty of +7, so perhaps these three would be the weakest devils and most appropriate to a D&D Conversion of the setting.
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